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Eco Care and Why You Should Say Goodbye to Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are cool, if you are selling them. They are on the list of current trends. It is fashionable to look for SLS-free, minimalistic and organic cosmetics made by small local or the opposite: very exotic companies operating on swamps, in forests and forgotten villages.

But what is so eco in shampoos packaged in plastic, although with natural extracts, but also with a strong dose of preservatives, which reveals several years expiration date? This description applies to most cosmetics with labels like eco care, bio, organic.

If you care about your and your family health and want to be environment friendly, I suggest you hide your wallets and stop buying marketing-pumped eco-crap. Instead of these purchases, implying further waste, I suggest you the way of reducing and simplifying. Reducing purchasing brings mostly more benefits than choosing any eco or healthy replacements.

Eco care ideas

Toilet paper

Rather than tear as much as always, think. Turn your consciousness on. Probably at a time you need two single sheets of toilet paper instead of seven.

Advanced version: there are people who pee and then wipe with a piece of cotton material (and they wash these pieces just like children’s diapers). After defecation, they just wash themselves with water. Simple, logical, hygienic.

Remeber: everything disposable is yuck.

Disposable tissues

To wipe your nose use cotton handkerchiefs. I have been doing so for a year or so and it is great. Count how much plastic is used for packaging 10×10 pack of tissues. The production of tissues is toxic for the environment and so is the process of packaging production. Next: the transport, producing exhaust fumes and requiring replacement parts ect. The plastic is finally landing in our houses.

Instead of buying the pack of tissues every week and supporting the toxic production and smelly transport, buy, like me, three cotton handkerchiefs, once every few years, not more.

Remember that everything disposable is yuck.

Wet wipes

I wrote about them in an article about reducing the amount of waste produced at home.

Read: What scares me… and leads to reducing waste

Despite having a small child, I do not use wet wipes for them, nor for me. At home, I have water, soap, and towels. Hey, today it is not a luxury, probably you have water, soap and towels too!

When we go outside or for a trip, it is enough for us to have water and normal tissue or paper towel (not overusing them too!) with us.

More cash on your bank account, less frequent shopping and going to the dumpster and less plastic on the planet.


Even if you would use only once daily a more eco-friendly form (eg. cloth diapers + cover) instead of a disposable diaper – this would be already progress.

Disposable diapers are harmful do our environment not only because of the plastic. They contain urine converted into a gel that is trapped in plastic for many, many years. There is trapped water, which because of this artificial gel forms will not return to circulation for a long time.


Hideously thick plastic in high-colored cardboard. This plastic including preservatives and other wonders

I have replaced ordinary shop toothpaste with coconut oil. With no side effects. And the coconut oil is packed in a glass jar with a metal screw cap.

Where to shop for healthy products? Blissoma Holistic Healthcare | Healthiest | 21 bundles | Amazon

Must read: Brushing teeth with coconut oil: my impressions after 6 months and a visit to the dentist


Their purchase costs you time, money, carrying and unpacking. Their use also costs you time, and the effects are rarely seen. Simply buy fewer cosmetics. Or replace some of them with just one. One cream instead of a separate balm for the care of each nail and elbow.


As a minimalist and the person who loves relocations, traveling and campers, I am familiar with the subject. If you want to travel light, you can replace the usual towels with quick drying microfiber ones or the like plastic pieces of crap, or use to wipe your body fast-drying … cloth diapers.
And if you decide to still use ordinary towels, note that you do not need to replace them with new ones every year, nor every two nor every three years. Just avoid décor shops, newspapers, friends, exhibitions and promotions. My towels are about six or seven years, they are all clean and well perform their function. I do not need new ones. Let the production sleep.

Do not go to the beautician

The fact is they are patting plastic into our skin and another fact is that so much of their gear is one time use only.

Love your hair

I want you to know that having long, healthy hair does not require the use of more than one cosmetic or the use of a straightener. Free your hair of mousses, gels, dyes, and hairsprays. The look of an artificial helmet on your head is not cool.

Today you’ve read about the eco care and hygiene. Soon I’ll publish on the blog a similar list concerning the ideas for reducing consumption for better health, savings, and a cleaner environment – in other spheres of life.

Where to shop for healthy products: Blissoma Holistic Healthcare | Healthiest | 21 bundles | Amazon

Do you have some other advice and ideas on the topic of eco care ?

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