Every girl after becoming a woman is searching for her perfect care products set. Number one thing for us is looking for a good care and hygiene of our bodies. But more and more woman become interested in health and environmental issues We read about minimalism and zero waste. We want to be able to pack light when we travel. Today I’m giving you an example of a minimalist toiletries set, including everything a woman needs to have on her bathroom shelves.

After about five years on the way of minimalism and more and more simple living with caring about my health and our planet, I have a set of tools and cosmetics that I’m satisfied with.

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I’m sharing with you a complete list of all cosmetics and tools a woman needs in the bathroom. Most of them are natural and eco-friendly.

Benefits of having only a few cosmetics and tools:

It makes your life simpler, frees your skin from unnecessary chemicals and helps when you want to pack light!

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List of all minimalist toiletries of an eco-friendly woman

Here is the list of everything I use in the bathroom (and you probably don’t need much more):

Natural soap

I aim to use as natural soap as I can find. With an as short list of ingredients as it’s possible. Perfectly, packed in paper, not plastic. I was using a Polish hard soap considered to be natural, in the past used to wash clothes. I was using it for a long time but I noticed it has a long list of ingredients. Recently I switched to Marseille soap, which has 5 ingredients and it is also good.

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I use soap to wash my hands (but not by every hand washing) and during my evening shower to body parts that really need freshening. I let the natural layer of fat and other substances stay on the rest of my skin, only washing it with water. Removing this layer makes it impossible for our skin to produce vitamin D. (I’ve written about it also in the article about homemade sunscreen and natural sun protection).

It’s nice when things, like your minimalist toiletries, are multi-purpose.

For example, I use the soap also to wash my clothes and bedding.

2-ingredient, natural, home-made deodorant

I have a mixture of baking soda and coconut oil (1:1) in a little glass jar. It works perfectly for me, better than any other shop or natural deodorant or antiperspirants.

I avoid aluminum from deodorants that cause among others Alzheimer and breasts diseases.

And my child doesn’t inhale perfume while hugging mum or breastfeeding.

I use it once a day, in the morning.

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I have two. One in use.

Nail scissors

Now I don’t even have a nail file at home and there wasn’t any situation when I’d need it.

Classic metal razor

There is a metal razor on my list of minimalist toiletries. I bought it to avoid buying a plastic, disposable ones every few months. To avoid producing plastic waste (razor + packaging + receipts printed on paper with plastic). To avoid supporting with my money people and brands working on making razor blades quickly lose their sharpness (to raise earnings by selling more).

I also save my time not shopping for razors, not unpacking them, not throwing the packaging to my trash bin and then to the container outside.

I save my attention by not thinking about the time of good sharpness remaining for my razor nor about shopping for it.

I simply always have at home a razor ready to work.

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Wooden comb

I bought it about four years ago and it’s still in perfect condition. I don’t need anything else. It’s light and takes less place than a hairbrush so it’s very convenient while traveling.

This wooden comb is one of my favorite things. I don’t feel any need to replace it with anything else: newer, cooler, bigger or smaller. It’s a treasure of my minimalist toiletries list.

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I tried many natural ways of washing my hair but unfortunately, I haven’t yet found the solution that works for me. So I use a usual one from a shop or a more natural alternative.

Hair dryer

Maybe when I’ll live a more slow and free life, I’ll use no hair dryer. I’ll simply give my hair time to get dry. You can make it the next step on your way to make your list of minimalist toiletries shorter.

Now I use a cheap one bought seven years ago when I was moving out of my parents home to study.

Hair tie

One is enough.



Now I still use a plastic one with soft bristles. When I’ll need to replace it, I’ll look for an eco-friendly alternative. But I’m afraid all toothbrushes’ bristles are plastic today, even if the rest is for example made of bamboo.

I’m not buying a new one until I’ll use the one I have. And I’m using it for about a year. You don’t have to listen to ads and dentists, parents or friends that are soaked with advertisement and the opinion that you should replace your toothbrush every month. Firstly, today dentists say that the best method of brushing is very delicate. So the toothbrush doesn’t break down at all. Secondly, if you’re worrying about bacteria on your toothbrush, you can soak it in boiling water.

Give the Earth a breathe: don’t buy disposable plastic things with lot of packaging so often.


Coconut oil as toothpaste

For a year or more I brush my teeth with coconut oil. It’s perfect for me. My teeth are clean and in the same or better condition as while using a shop toothpaste. I always had the tendency to have tooth decay regardless of how much I cared about my tooth hygiene.

Giving up shop toothpaste and using coconut oil haven’t made the decay problem worse. But it’s too short time to say I have less decay.

Coconut oil is a natural product. No fluoride, no toxic chemicals. And chemicals used in cosmetics can literally kill you. I’ve written about it in this article:


I buy coconut oil in bigger amounts twice a year or even more rarely in a glass jar with a metal top.

I recommend you read my article about brushing teeth with coconut oil.

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Plastic stick from a disposable ear cotton swab + a piece of cotton cloth

Since childhood, I used to clean my ears with disposable ear cotton swabs. But I hated the waste produced this way. Plastic stick and cotton went to bin every day.

Looking for a more eco-friendly solution, I heard that people use one stick (plastic one or a wooden match) and put a new portion of cotton wool on it every time they clean ears. You throw away the cotton, but not another plastic stick.

And then I’ve found that I can reduce throwing away the cotton wool by using and then washing a piece of cotton cloth. It’s the same as using cloth diapers or cloth menstrual pads.

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List of all products we need to care for our skin and all of them are simple and eco-friendly! No chemicals, no SLS, just the power of nature! :) Click to read the article.
List of all products we need to care for our skin and all of them are simple and eco-friendly! No chemicals, no SLS, just the power of nature! :) Click to read the article.