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If you are reading this blog, you probably see the value in living a conscious life. Maybe you are using eco products. It is very good but not enough.

You already know that

reducing consumption of things and cosmetics gives you more space, more time, more health and more money.


You already know that

every object leads to wounds to the planet, to people and to communities on the stages of production, distribution and disposal.


Maybe you already buy less. Maybe when you buy the things you need, you take into account not only fashion, but also factors such as the source of the material, disposal options, the longest possible lifetime of a thing. You may refuse taking free plastic bags when buying.

And now add another brick to this way of thinking:

Where are you buying?

Try to buy strawberries from the woman who only sells unpacked fruits and vegetables.

The same strawberries you can buy in the supermarket. In the shop, which consumes tons of packaging, feeds people with cola, proposes shampoo in promotion for every purchase and packs every six tomatoes in a separate box with thick plastic wrapping.

Try to buy soap in the store that cares about the environment or sells cosmetics less toxic than typical drugstore.

A typical drugstore consumes tons of packaging, encourage large purchases (you have to buy more than what you had on the list), may incorrectly treat employees, and sells five teaspoons of flakes or muesli in a plastic package. Be aware that cosmetics brands with labels like organic or eco products are not a perfect choice (why – read my article Eco care and why you should say goodbye to organic cosmetics) – but still better that supporting with your money big brands that completely doesn’t care.

Try to meet up with a friend at a local café, not in a shopping centre.

You can drink the same coffee, without supporting the chain stores with their disposable cups. You can eat the same salad without increasing the number of clients or profits for the shopping mall, which principle is selling … anything. Anything, as long as the machine is spinning. Anything, as long as people come, buy, and then come for another one and buy. If only pennies add to pennies and gathered in piles. And who cares that by the way the light is turned on all day in a big building, that unhealthy air conditioning works all the time, that cleaning staff use tons of chemicals that are harmful for our bodies…? moreover, you can find a place serving food made of fair trade and more eco products.

Avoid buying good products from the bad companies. Even if they call them eco products.

When you buy a salad at McDonald’s, you give the money to the machine that poisons people with strange chickens and poisons the planet with piles of separate disposable sauces packages. When buying bottled water from Cola-Cola Company – skipping at the moment the big subject of buying and drinking bottled water – you support the business that floods almost the whole world with terrible coke, which is water with sugar, corrosive substances, mega marketing and plastic bottles. When buying Aquafina or another product of PepsiCo, you support a business, which bosses publicly said that: the biggest enemy is tap water. Do you understand it?! Because you have to drink only the store-bought . It is the opposite of freedom. It’s called dependence .

Do other examples come to your minds? Let us share ideas,
let us open each other’s minds to go out of schemes, which sometimes we do not even see,
to live a better life.

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