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Today I’ll introduce to you a subject not yet mentioned od the Slow and Happy blog. Different dimensions, energies and everything that is invisible.

Today’s culture presents to us as a matter that you are supposed not to doubt, that if you pull yourself together, then you will achieve what you want. If you have goals, you choose realistic ways of achieving them, and then you work effectively – you will achieve what you planned.

Is the good time management enough to achieve happiness?

But will following the instructions from your tasks lists, schedules, plans and super apps, routines and rituals, avoiding distractions, killing procrastination and pulling yourself to persistent, uninterrupted, precise work, always take us to the goal?

And even if the answer is yes – is it the only way to achieve what you want?

All of these management motivation and work techniques do make sense. You have a starting point, the operation and effect. Cause and effect. We can explain certain matters in the subject of achieving the goals like the facts of physics. If you publish the text, it is published. If you turn off the computer after writing two paragraphs in Word, text is not published. If you find customers for ten phones, you’ve sold ten phones. If you do not reach customers for ten phones, you haven’t sold them. It’s simple.

Different dimensions and other invisible matters

But our world does not end by this. Einstein discovered that there exist different dimensions, science tells us that there exist parallel worlds, it confirms the possibility to re-write the DNA by thoughts and changes in the structure of water, depending on emotions / feelings / thoughts in the environment.

Different dimensions: how they work…

Around us there is some other, invisible dimension. Not even around. It penetrates us. And we act inside of it. Like the baby doesn’t know that they pee. But they pee. The baby may feel that they got wet, but they don’t know why, how, where from. They don’t know that they’ve done it themselves. Not to mention the knowledge of the sources and the meaning of urine. Or controlling it.

…and how we act in them

And we also pee in the unseen for us different dimensions. We pee with our thoughts, emotions, energy, words, maybe stresses, tensions … None of us knows everything about this world. Single people have a single building blocks of knowledge. Which the rest can refuse to believe in, because in general we do not have ways to check it as easily as the fact that apple always falls on the ground, not on the moon.

This world, that we do not know, affects our lives. Also through our actions. We do not know through which actions or with what effect they result in this extended world.

Can positive thinking put us on the highway to fulfill our dreams? Or does it guiding by your heart? Maybe going with the flow and guiding by what we want, what we feel in the soul, what is attracts us support our dreams fulfilment, instead forcing yourself to close all opened browser tabs, books and cutting the conversation about nothing, to work on achieving goals in well-known three dimensions?

Therefore, I’m looking for some middle way. Once I run guided by what I feel, in the next period, I’m guided by cool calculation. Until I will feel my middle.

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