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Simplifying life requires experimenting with our lifestyle. With the big things, big ideas but also with trivial, everyday tasks.

If our goal on the simple living path is regaining resources: time, energy, attention, space and money, the way to develop in this direction is to question everything, every action, every habit, every addiction. To live slower and happier than most people, we need to get out of the box of default-life settings.

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Experiments You Can Do to Simplify Your Life (4)

What can we experiment with to simplify our lives?

eating less, eating fewer types of products or skipping one meal a day

Have you heard that the myth saying that breakfast is the most important meal is a myth, produced by marketers? When you believe it, you buy more cereal.

For a few weeks, I have skipped breakfast, only drinking coffee after waking up and I feel much better. Breakfast was distracting me and my body (making it sleepy) from what I want to do this day.

washing all laundry together

For all my adult years I kept washing colorful things separate from black or dark clothes. Only a few weeks ago I’ve tried to wash everything together. I wash only in cold water. And it occurs nothing bad happened to colorful or even white clothes after washing them with a few black socks.

Life changes are about killing myths we’ve been believing in.

And this means so much more time for me! I load the washing machine only once, I take clothes out to hang them only once. Two loads of laundry took half of the day!

wash less in hands, wash all colors together - Experiments You Can Do to Simplify Your Life (4)

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giving up (most of) hand washing

I used to wash sweaters, bras and some other things always in hands. For years. Recently I’ve decided to be brave enough to put them in the washing machine. And nothing bad happened!

I’m saving time, energy and my mental energy – planning.

washing your body less

Dan Erickson has written on this subject: 5 Reasons To Stop Taking A Daily Shower. There are even health-related reasons to shower less. Like every other day.

Or you can try what I do – not using soap every time you wash hands – sometimes wash them only with water.

how to simplify dish washing Experiments You Can Do to Simplify Your Life (4)

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washing dishes with water only

Since last summer I wash most dishes only with water. I use washing liquid only when dishes are covered with oil.

other examples – and the list is endless

checking email only every other day, not ironing clothes, having a capsule wardrobe, wearing the same clothes until they don’t look/smell fresh anymore, eating simply, not buying cosmetics, …

Experimenting requires not only braveness. To start experimenting we need to have so open minds which can notice such thinking or acting schemes like listed above. We have to be crazy enough to question what we’ve used to, how we were acting for years, what we’ve been taught by parents, school, society, culture. And be crazy enough to take the step.

Experiments You Can Do to Simplify Your Life (4)

One important note more.

Taking experiments means trying new ways of living your life but it doesn’t require sticking to changes. Just be open to check whether you prefer your old habit or the new way of acting and thinking.

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