Family finances when a woman doesn’t work

Let’s take a look at the financial situation of families where a woman decides to be a stay at home mum.

Many families after having a child want that a woman still works. Only for money.

People think she will bring home money without which they will starve, have debt or other kinds of poor financial situation.

Some people also think that thanks to superannuation women will get a pension in the future. But the specialists say that in Europe such hope is stupid because there will be no money for paying people their pensions soon.

Let’s look at stay-home moms’ situation from another point.

Firstly, the child gets the best and most natural care. It’s indisputable.

Secondly, isn’t it cheaper when the woman doesn’t work?

You don’t pay for daycare for your child: kindergarten or nanny.

The woman doesn’t need to buy proper clothes nor makeup for work.

The woman doesn’t need to commute to work: she doesn’t buy month tickets nor fuel, nor she pays for parking places.

More family members eat at home, so you eat better and pay less for it.

Stress, anxiety, and tiredness caused by work often lead to stupid purchases: coffee, junk food, snacks, sweets, clothes, cosmetics or other things as a reward for another day at work.

You pay more attention to your health and the condition (physical and psychological) of your child, so it’s less probable that you’ll need to pay for a doctor, medicine, and treatments.

The woman doesn’t have much time to spend it outside of the home, alone, without children: in shopping centers, watching ads and following false needs.

Count all these expenses that you avoid when the mother stays home. Think whether it wouldn’t be a better solution than sending a mother to – often stupid – work and taking their beloved mother from children.


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family finances woman doesn't work - Slow and Happy blog about fulfilling feminine life and minimalism
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