Family Holidays on Vistula Spit – Week One

Greeting from our holidays by the sea! I’m happy to write this article from a tiny, wooden house we rent in woods, three miles from any other homes, towns, restaurants or shops.

We’re now minimalists on vacations. You can already have an idea of I how I pack our belongings for travel from this article: How to Pack Like a Minimalist: Take Everything! Soon, I’ll share with you more of my thoughts about minimalism, packing, travels, and items.

Our travel and my new beach hat. Not because of trends. Simply for sun protection.

I love views from the road. And now, in the late spring, nature flourish. The vibrant green of trees and juicy colors of flowers. After we drove out of the area of big cities to less populated part of the country, the sky started to be SO blue (less pollution) that I was staring at it and admiring the color like crazy.

And it’s the road next to which we live now:

For our family holidays, we’ve chosen the Vistula Spit. It’s a narrow strip of land between Vistula Lagoon (it’s just like a big lake) and the Baltic Sea.

Here’s the lake (how I call the Lagoon):

Let’s go to the beach, take off the sandals and hang them on the bag:


And the beach is 300 miles long 🙂

The running stroller rides well where the sand is harder:

And here are the main reason why I’m running out of energy:

They got wet fast:

Let’s be artists-photographers:

Meals outside of the house, on the fresh air with birds songs and the scents of the wood! My Eden 🙂


I’ve always loved these buildings with the wooden parts:

The lighthouse:

I decided to climb on it, thinking I’m brave and that it’s nothing for me. But after going up a few meters I started to feel weak and fear. There are narrow steps inside the lighthouse, going around it. And in the middle, there is a big hole from the top to the bottom of the lighthouse. I thought I was brave but after a few meters, I knew that I just cannot look into the hole.

But I managed to climb and here is the view. The Sea, the Lake and the strip of land where we live now: