Famous books on simplicity that will change your lifestyle

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Give a good, powerful life change to yourself or someone you care about. Simplicity and minimalism are good ideas to start the journey of self-development and self-discovery. Below I share famous books on simplicity by best-selling authors of various backgrounds and living different lifestyles, so everyone will find here something for them.

Learn how to become a minimalist and regain control over your life, your space and your time! See the 8 really good books written by really wise people: their mindset, experiences, life story and tips on how to live better, accordingly to your values, with more money left in your pocket and less stress in your life.

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If you’re not satisfied with your life and you’ll keep doing what you do, then you’ll get the same result: unsatisfaction.

If you want a change, start searching: for your desired life direction and for people who are on this path and can help you on the way.

your story

You’re here, so I suppose, your life is changing for better thanks to the information you find on the internet and in books. I just hope you don’t read everything and don’t believe everything and everyone. I hope you know what you want and that you do your research in these areas.

There are blogs, articles, and books. And behind each of them, there is a person. And we love these people, who we know from their writing or videos. They are our companions on our way. Staying in touch with their thoughts or lives can help you by reminding of your goals, values, and reasons.

Below I list best books by authors who I’m following. They write mainly about actions and values from the point of view of

simplicity and Minimalism.

You can give someone a good book as a present (I’ve gifted three titles about the minimalist lifestyle to my family last December) or start changing your own life.

famous books on simplicity and minimalism you should read

Francine Jay

– author of the blog Miss Minimalist

The Joy of Less is her bestselling book – now updated.

Joshua Becker

– author of the blog Becoming Minimalist

His latest book is The More of Less. Currently, it is the best-selling and one of the most famous books on simplicity.

Greg McKeown

– author of the idea of essentialism.

His book Essentialism is for you if you would like to focus on what’s important and needed rather than on dealing with excess. It touches areas where our energy, time, space and work get consumed, not always necessarily: in relationships, at work, in our schedules and minds. It can be the book with which you start your journey to a simpler life. (You can get an idea about what essentialism is by reading this article.)

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus (The Minimalists)

– authors of TheMinimalists blog, podcast, and the film: Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.

Essential is a collection of their essays about simplicity and minimalism, values and decluttering. And I must tell you that their writing is at a really high level. Even their blog texts’ style is more of a writer than a blogger.

And something more personal: Everything That Remains. A deep story about the life shift – becoming a minimalist.

latest publications

In the late 2017 and early 2018, three books of my other of my favorite bloggers/authors/people came out. They consist mostly of personal story, personal way of the authors, two women and one man. Reasons why they have started a simpler life, effects of living simpler in their lives and inspiration to start your own more minimalist path – expect to find these ingredients in all the free books.

Courtney Carver

Soulful Simplicity

Cait Flanders

The woman who quit alcohol, did shopping bans (one year and more) and is so true and consistent in her message, in how and what about she blogs, that I really admire her.

The Year Of Less

Anthony Ongaro

Anthony’s first step towards minimalism was quitting compulsive online shopping. Now he’s creating really wise videos on YouTube and a blog about mindful living.

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HERE you can find another list of good resources: books that have been changing my life, leading me to the point where I’m now: happy.

Check also Best Minimalist Blogs and Resources to Inspire Life Changes In 2019.

famous books about simplicity and minimalism by top authors

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  1. Ann Johnston

    Am really glad to see Cait Flanders on this list. I literally just finished her book yesterday and I thought it was outstanding. Her style of writing is so refreshing, and she was able to mix intimate storytelling with excellent tips on simplifying your life, and saving money while you do it. And of course she is Canadian Highly recommend.

    1. Oh, yes, Cait is the master at both writing about personal experiences and giving to the point tips on simplifying. Reading her blog for years now, I see how she works to be transparent and honest – it is her power.

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