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Would your grandma do digital fasts? Truth about screen time restrictions.

Should we feel guilty for our screen time?

Don’t look at the screen all the time! What are you doing? Log out, go offline! Spend time without laptot and smartphone. Go for a walk!

You’ve heard it or read it. Thousand times.

But aren’t digital sabbaticals a contradiction of living our normal lives?

Because what an internet fast really is? It’s giving up a tool that lets you do shopping, pay your bills, read interesting stuff, learn useful things, send messages to your family and people with whom you do business.

What about your grandma?

Can you imagine 100 years ago people advising one another: think about organising one day in a week in that way that you don’t go to any shop, don’t pay your bills, don’t read nor learn anything and don’t write letters?

I don’t think people were giving each other such advice.

Your grandma kept meeting people, going to a market, reading newspapers and paying what she had had to pay.

Internet has taken over functions of many tools and institutions. I don’t go to post office if I want to contact my godmother living in Germany.

So don’t feel guilty for your screen time. Internet IS making our lives simplier. If we use it and not let internet use us.

And by the way, you know what? In Poland we go to bank only when we sign opening an account (though it can be done by courier as well) or taking a loan. We don’t use chequebooks, we don’t go to bank… Our contact with money and banks is simple: ATMs, paying with card and transferring money online (shopping, bills, rent, loan payments).

So cut your internet use. If you want to have a hard life…

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