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In school we were given homework for next week. How many of you have devoted seven days for doing it? Or at least seven evenings? And how many of you did your homework the evening before and then got an A or a B or simply got their homework accepted despite a lower mark?

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Find less time for work.

Much of our work is not affected by how much time we devote to it. If you always dedicate your whole day for doing given tasks at work but then revolutions in your private life force you to pay more attention to them than your work, then the same set of tasks can be done from 4 to 5 by really focusing on them.

Hence my proposition for you is to cut down – if possible – your working time.

I used to spend hours by my computer letting my thoughts revolve around some task or an idea. But too often those thoughts revolved around my thoughts and feelings instead of something productive. And then there was this sad observation about how much time I have wasted.

Last times I give myself single shots of time for work. I sit down to do my work, let’s say three times a day for at least half an hour. And it gives me results.

   Here’s a short list of benefits that can be achieved by reduction of working time:

   – you actually want to work

   – your work is much more efficient – you produce tangible results because there is no time for pondering

   – and effective work gives great satisfaction

   – you don’t have enough time to get bored with your work

   – you have a private life!

I really recommend it. Especially to entrepreneurs, because this is the type of work I have experience with.

For me, this change in my workstyle have brough great results: I stopped being lazy; I don’t lose time and get down to the nitty-gritty of a matter and push my projects forward.

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Benefits of shorter worktime: 1. You want to work. 2. Work is much more efficient. 3. Effective work gives satisfaction. 4. Not enough time to get bored. 5. You have private life.

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