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Flies at Home – How to Get Rid of These Unwanted Guests?

The sun came out. You can not open the windows like in the winter – freely and without thinking. Flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes and other insects like to visit our homes. Flies at home: bothering, annoying, scaring, buzzing and biting. But they are also a great motivation for a better life!

Because you know that flies and other insects carry germs. I wanted to write, which specific, but let us stay here in a not unappetizing atmosphere. I do not want to scare you that you could catch any serious disease because of the ordinary fly – this would be an extremely nasty coincidence. Just think of that this fly could sit on a pile of dog’s poop or drink someone’s saliva from the sidewalk a few minutes before. This is enough to not want to have ordinary flies at home.

The most terrible for me are flies in the kitchen: on food and on the clean dishes. And it’s a great thing because from this point you can change your life for better!

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How to get rid of flies at home? Minimalism is the answer

My dear,

1. Do not leave rests of meals on your plate.

Eat everything at once. Do not throw food out. Wash dishes right after finishing your meal. Immediately throw out peelings and other inedible leftovers.

2. Do not leave food on a countertop.

Let everything be hidden in a cabinet, or in the fridge. Stop buying just in case! You will stop buying excess food, waste it and throw it away.

3. Do not store on countertop clean utensils.

Cups, plates, pots, cutlery, cutting boards. Do not they fit in the cabinets? Then check your kitchenware: which things are useful and which are only taking place.

By following these few simple points, once I got rid of fruit flies, which I have dragged home on some fruit. I just had to take everything out of flies’ sight.

Other homemade insects repellents

People say essential oils such as [easyazon_link identifier=”B00PYS7R7M” locale=”US” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″]lavender*[/easyazon_link] or [easyazon_link identifier=”B00QR6SS6O” locale=”US” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″]lemon*[/easyazon_link] are useful for keeping flies away from our homes.

Mosquitos hate [easyazon_link identifier=”B00PM7S5R6″ locale=”US” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″]clove*[/easyazon_link]

and fruit flies can not stand the smell of [easyazon_link identifier=”B00BKQIMBC” locale=”US” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″]vanilla*[/easyazon_link].

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But there is a problem with essential oils – because of their plastic nut. Plastic is yuck. So if you care about our environment, it would be better to try my above minimalist tips.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”160″ identifier=”B01BGIB81Y” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″ width=”160″]

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Who has fun in growing herbs in pots, they may try to get basil, thyme, rosemary or mint – they will supposedly repel flies. Mosquitoes do not like basil too and fruit flies hate thyme.

Do an experiment!

Returning to minimalism, which is the best home organization: see which kitchenware you actually use during one week. Store the rest out of your sight (for example in your basement). If you will not feel the lack of these things in three months: sell them or give.

And so we have transformed a usual, annoying fly into something beneficial for ourselves.

Because I’m talking about the habits that will stay with you, not only for the current summer and flies season. Limiting the number of items, buying food consciously, cleaning on a regular basis.

And as they will no longer be attracted to your home by any leftovers, go ahead and open the windows, because what can best drive the flies out, is the draft.

And when you go out, check this natural insect repellent.

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