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Nature-bathing. I’m taking you on a trip near your place of living

Today I am going to lead you on a trip to a place I do not know. To a place that you know, or you can get to know it quite easily.

The beneficial influence of nature


I strongly believe in the beneficial effects of time spent in the open air, outside the city, in the bosom of nature. I do not know exactly how being in nature functions with us, but I know that it allows us to rest both in body and spirit. Even if we choose physically intense activities on the air, we can be tired but relaxed at the same time.

Less pollution with artificial waves

Our bodies are resting outside the range of wifi waves, beyond the range of electromagnetic fields, which are generated by every device connected to electricity. (Yes, the mere fact that we have cables with electricity in the walls already changes the environment of our home!) Perhaps in natural places, there is also a smaller accumulation of radio and telephone waves. And all of this affects us, even if we have not yet discovered the mechanism of these interactions.

Natural views, sounds, and smells, letting our senses and nerves relax

We are in our natural environment, that is, surrounded by colors and shapes that have been our everyday life, our home, our environment for hundreds of thousands of years.

Have you noticed that just being in the shopping center makes us tired? It’s because it is full of unnatural stimuli: artificial light, flashy colors, these industrial shapes, and unnatural sounds. Our body, the body of a mammal, coming from the savanna or from the forest, is in a state of tension, readiness to react. Alert state.

In the forest, however, we are sensitive, for example, to sudden, unexpected movement or unusual sound, while the sound of the forest and its normal appearance does not stimulate our body or mind to analyze or to stress. They are like a transparent background that does not irritate, does not require making decisions, does not require any reaction or reflection. And then we can really rest.

The influence of nature on psychological well-being

And how does nature affect the spirit, the mind, and the psyche? I would say that nature resets us healthily and allows us to look at our everyday lives and worries from a completely different perspective, from a distance. We literally return to a healthy place and see our problems in a healthy way. We notice what they are, staying outside of them. We stop to maximize them. We are staying with the Infinite. Will it be a tall, vast forest, a meadow full of life, unexplored mountains or staring at the starry sky. Infinity, to which our daily troubles seem ridiculous and unimportant.

Rest from other people’s feelings, emotions, and thoughts

I also heard a theory that outside the city we feel better, because apart from the obvious that the city is filled with noise, pollution, people, places and events with which we can have bad memories, the accumulation of people in the city causes the accumulation of emotions and feelings (imagine them for a while as beings or waves, like wifi). It seems that being in close contact with so many other people, we subconsciously feel and receive all their emotions, often negative. It strangles us, tires us, occupies our space, deprives us of energy.

The trip

I invite you today for a trip – it can be for one and a half hours or for the whole day – in your area. What natural, uncrowded places are in your area? We have a forest close to our place of living, I drive there 5-10 minutes by car. And then I sink into a different world. I literally feel like a guest on another planet – in the environment of trees, plants, insects, birds, which perhaps also have some souls and thoughts… This forest is where I’ve done my profile pictures for Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook (please, like and follow to motivate me to work on this place 🙂 ).

For me, to me feel the forest and feel its influence: pro-health, stress-relieving and charging me for the next days, it’s enough that I just immerse myself in it. One hundred meters from the place where I park (at the beginning of the forest).

You do not need a 7-day expedition with professional water bottles and the only right shoes to get the benefits of the forest, meadow, mountains or another place that you can choose near your home.

Media with the Internet and Instagram try to convince us that the trip around the city will be better if we choose a unique, fashionable place, we take a ton of needed gadgets, beautiful looking food and we will do unusual activities, and if we are with children – educational.

With today’s text, I want to heal us from this myth, from this advertising, from producing the non-existent desires in us.

Because to enjoy the benefits of traveling:

  • being away from home, beyond usual tasks and everyday thoughts
  • contact with nature
  • rest at body and spirit level

and also to teach children about the world,

build relationships through conversations (maybe you can turn off your phones for this time?) and do various things together,

you absolutely do not need fancy spots on the other side of the world. All this can work, if you only move to another world, maybe a few steps away from your fence.

Because travel is about everything I described above, not about the star of the hotel or the level of trendiness of a given town, and not about the photos on Instagram.

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