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I’ve decided that this year I’ve again practice Every Seventh Week Free. This idea came to me about one and half year ago.

So it’s Saturday of my Free Week – seventh week of the year. I shouldn’t even write this post, because blogging and most of online presence if forbidden in my Free Week. But I’ve felt need to write today and on a happy – free week I don’t want to fight with myself.

What are benefits of such Free Weeks?

My first Free Week’s fruit was finishing my Slow Blogging ebook. You see: that time I’ve also ended up in front of the screen – but with great results!

In such a week I avoid work, writing (besides short notes – ideas) and spending my time online. I live more offline. I finally look at my children and my home. I connect… with my life, my roots, my body, my surroundings, my bath, dirty shoes and kitchen clutter.

I give myself time and space. I rest a bit. I think too much.

But it ends with seeing clearer the path I want to go in my life. I’ve revised my direction. I know where I want to go. And I’ve worked out what are the best speed and shoes to go my path in the nearest future.

I feel good. I’m happy. I’m nearer to myself. Every time I revise my life path, I make it more matching my real self, my needs, my wants, my abilities and values.

I’m getting back to normal week tasks which will serve me better after my Free Week revision.

I recommend you to try it too!

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