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Freedom Seekers: Looking for the Perfect Lifestyle

Doesn’t everyone pursue happiness and best possible for him life? Isn’t freedom a big and beautiful value and right of everyone?

I’m a big fan of freedom. I’m simplifying my life and changing my worldview and habits to get as much freedom as I can.

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For a few years I’ve been observing. I’ve been reading about people’s experiences, their worldviews and lifestyle experiments. They were people that had given up the beaten path of city work-debt-shop life.

This way I’ve found two different, even opposite lifestyles that can serve freedom seekers. Though none of them gives hundred percent independence.

Here are short descriptions.

Best lifestyles for freedom seekers

Mobile lifestyle

Being a traveller in your own car/campervan/motorhome. Earning money on the internet or using your skills in places where you stay.

+ You become location free. You can choose where you live: climate or language, or landscapes.

+ You can become free of income tax, if you stay less than six months in one country (applies to most countries).

– But you depend on people and businesses providing water, food, electricity and other things or services you want to use.

– You depend on fuel providers, car mechanics and car parts retailers.

– You depend also on money: on clients, maybe on internet connection.

Self-sufficient lifestyle

Being a agriculturalist on a piece of land. Using soil to grow your own food. Getting your own water from your well.

+ You become free of shops – water and food suppliers.

+ You can try to be free of money.

– But you’re dependent on the land, the place. In case of natural disaster or war, you can stay (stressed, unsafe, not free) or run away – losing your freedom by losing the soil that used to feed you.

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