Go Minimalist - Plan and Live Your Simple Life Workbook

Go Minimalist 📝🏡😊 Plan and Live Your Simple Life

Turn minimalist inspirations into a real change of your life to make it simpler and… better.

Do you dream of a simpler life? Do you want to live in accordance with your priorities or finally once and for all tidy your home 🤦🏻‍♀️? I know that it is often difficult to transform inspirations and knowledge from many sources into an action plan. Maybe texts about minimalists make you feel the way I want it too, but then you remind yourself that you have kids and you can’t imagine minimalism with them, or you think that with your load of responsibilities you won’t find time to clean the space properly 🤷‍♀️

You can have a calmer life. You can do the most important thing first. Be free from distractions. Have a tidy and clean space around you. No chaos or frustration because of lost items. Healed finances. You can control the schedule of your day, gradually introduce the good habits that you dream of to really be part of your life. You can act every day and make choices in accordance with your values. You can free up your time. You can feel what it is like to have a calm head 🙋🏻‍♀️ What is the order in the house, and at the same time how much less you can clean to make it tidy.

It’s nice to read about minimalism, but how do you translate these pictures of cleaned interiors and lists of benefits into your own life? This is where the Go Minimalist workbook comes with help to guide you in making changes by providing proven, simple methods. You can make your life simpler by taking small but specific steps.

The Go Minimalist workbook is:

👍 Worksheets to fill out and implement life changes on a daily basis.

👍 Practical advice-inspirations on how to simplify and maintain minimalism in various spheres of life.

👍 Beautiful and in point quotes to keep enthusiasm in this process which is so good, but also demanding perservance.

With the Go Minimalist workbook, I will lead you by the hand with the methods that I have developed and improved during over 9 years of practicing minimalism in my life (also as a mother of two kids!).

In the Go Minimalist workbook you’ll find:

✔️ motives to become a minimalist and expected benefits (2 pages)
✔️ the list of books and movies to stay inspired
✔️ 7 pages with inspirational quotes that you can use as a poster
✔️ priorities worksheet
✔️ weekly planner
✔️ monthly habit tracker
✔️ lists to help you choose and maintain a minimalist number of different categories of things (6 pages)
✔️ digital minimalism – your rules
✔️ ideas to simplify life in three spheres (3 pages)
✔️ monthly purchases review
✔️ packing list + tips
✔️ buy nothing experiment
✔️ simple eating plan
✔️ shopping lists (2 pages)
✔️ cleaning planner and checklist (2 pages)
✔️ list of items that are easily declutter
✔️ questions to ask yourself before deciding to buy an item, keep an item and buy clothes (3 pages)
✔️ list of gifts that will not clutter the house
✔️ practical dotted pages for notes
✔️ 3 additional pages with quotes.

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  • Go Minimalist - Plan and Live Your Simple Life Workbook
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Minimalism began to be known and people like it. The Go Minimalist is not just another an inspiration, not beautiful stories of other people on their path to minimalism, but a workbook so that you can build your minimalism in your life.

Thanks to this, you can simplify your life in accordance with your realities, needs, lifestyle, and expectations.

And because you can always have the file with worksheets on your computer, and not in the form of a single-use physical workbook, you can reprint any page any number of times or use dotted pages for notes, as you edit your reality and your life and needs change.

👩🏻‍🏫 My name is Ula and for nine years I have been presenting my adventure with minimalism on my blogs. I show how little we actually need, even as a family with two little kids, how little we buy new things and how I think about these items (minimalist shopping series), how small but definitely enough my and our kids’s number of clothes is. And finally, I show what I have time for, when I don’t do shopping, cleaning (and the house is clean anyway!), deciding what to wear, ironing mountains of clothes or searching for forgotten items.

You might be wondering 🧐 :

1. What the Go Minimalist workbook is?

By getting it, you will receive a PDF file composed of 40 different pages + cover in US Letter and A4 format (you get 2 files).

2. How to use the Go Minimalist workbook?

Print it, start filling it out and making changes in your life. Thanks to having the file on your computer (and not a single-use physical workbook), you can print each page as many times as you need in the process or use dotted pages for additional notes.

3. What are the payment methods?

You can buy the Go Minimalist workbook on Etsy.

You can checkout as a guest, without having to create an account.

You can pay by card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal.

4. How do I access the file?

If you checked out as a guest, you’ll find a link to download your purchase in the receipt email from Etsy.

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You can read many books and articles on simplifying life and minimalism, and based on them try to figure out a plan to change your space and everyday life. Or you can use the effects of my many years of experience, the essence of which is contained in the Go Minimalist workbook.

The materials are intended for the buyer’s own use. File sharing is prohibited.

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it is delivered fully after payment, no refunds are available.