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Increase your health without getting crazy.

I care about my health, trying to limit stress, move, get good sleep and change my diet for a better one.

BUT I’m not perfect and I don’t try to be. I’m changing my diet. SLOWLY.

It’s impossible to follow every advice in the huge subject of staying healthy. Why impossible? If only because every day has only 24 hours. 24 hours that you’d probably like to use not only for activities connected with staying healthy.

Everyone has to make his own choices. Here I present you tips in the subject of health that I’ve implemented into my everyday life.

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Coconut oil

Coconut oil* is my toothpaste, an ingredient of my deodorant. It’s my lotion and a cream for my baby’s red diaper area.

I’ve written a whole article about how I use coconut oil.

Himalayan salt

I use himalayan salt* in my kitchen for more than a year.

Vitamin D3+K2

I need to care about my teeth to avoid tooth decay. Here I’ve written more about my natural fight with tooth decay. Vitamins D3 and K2* are necessary for bones and oral health. And vitamin D3 also improves our mood.

Omega 3

A huge subject. I’ve bought and keep using Omega 3* convinced by a woman of huge knowledge in health subjects who I trust.


To be sure that I get most of (more than 90%) minerals our bodies need to get every day. And chlorella* helps me to detoxicate my body, for example from heavy metals.


The same woman told me that magnesium can be very well absorbed by our skin. I buy magnesium powder* and make my home-made magnesium oil spray. And as a coffe addict I know, I’ve shortages of magnesium. And it improves our mood like vitamin D3.

Baking soda

An ingredient of my natural deodorant and various home cleaners. Moreover, I use baking soda* in the kitchen to wash fruits and vegetables.


Borax*is an ingredient of my home-made laundry powder.

Washing soda

Washing soda* is an ingredient of my home-made laundry powder.

Marseille soap

I use marseille soap* to clean my skin and add it to my laundry powder.

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