homeschooling parents' challenge - big problem of modern homeschooling parents in nuclear families

Daily: A Big Challenge of Today’s Homeschooling Parents

I prefer to look on the positive side of life and to see solutions and not to complain and name problems. But sometimes publishing a complaining text is a matter of showing the whole picture and not misleading people. So what is the big homeschooling parents’ challenge today?

It is called the nuclear family + the system. By system, I mean the schematic, the socially proper way of living.

So there are you, parents and your kids at home. Grandparents, siblings and cousins who could have their kids, often work or live far from you. You aren’t close with your neighbors. And even if you would be close, their kids are at kindergarten or at school.

At least it is how the life looks like in many parts of Europe.

So you’re alone with your kids. All. The. Time.

Here is the problem.

And it doesn’t matter whether one of you or both are staying at home, maybe working from home. You can be tired and fed up because of almost no breaks from interacting with the kids. You’re almost never alone. Or you are when your significant other goes out with them. So you’re almost never alone, the two of you, without kids.

A nanny for a couple of hours every week? It may be a good solution if you can find a good nanny.

A tv instead of grandparents to buy half an hour when kids don’t want anything from you?

An ordered pizza instead of grandma’s dinner every second week?

These are homeschooling parent’s challenges in the era of nuclear families, working grandparents and absent age-mates (closed at schools).

Any idea what can be the solution to homeschooling parents’ challenge? Surely, letting go of perfectionism and radicalism (like no tv or we listen to every word of our kids or only homemade organic food). Embracing the imperfections in us and in our family relationships, embracing the Unplanned, the change and the chaos. And going out with the young team to let the wife/husband stay alone in silence at home (so important for introverts! – I’ve described it yesterday).

And of course, it is just the one side, visible in some situations but not able to stop millions of parents from homeschooling 🙂

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homeschooling parents' challenge - big problem of modern homeschooling parents in nuclear families