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A few weeks ago I’ve introduced to you what are many parents’ reasons to homeschool and homepreschool their kids. For readers who are interested in this subject and asked me questions to develop this subject, I’m sharing a few homeschooling resources for beginners to help parents on the journey. Among them, you’ll find the why’s, the how’s and answers to most frequent questions and concerns.

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homeschooling resources for beginners, unschooling too

The article contains affiliate links.

helpful homeschooling resources for beginners

encouragement, why’s and how’s

1 | Leo Babauta’s thoughts and his family experiences

Leo is one of the most famous minimalists. He’s the author of blogs Zen Habits (since 2007) and mnmlist. And a father of six kids. Four of them were homeschooled/unschooled since 2008.

Leo talks mostly about unschooling. To give you a kind of definition, I’d say that homeschooling is more like doing the school’s curriculum at home and unschooling means letting kids learn what excites them. There are many motivations, discoveries, and benefits the same for both approaches and it’s why I’m putting unschooling among homeschooling resources.

If you prefer short amounts of information at first, check Leo’s most important articles about unschooling:

The Beginner’s Guide to Unschooling
9 Essential Skills Kids Should Learn

For more knowledge and guidance, you can spend hours on Unschoolery, another blog created by Leo. Examples of subjects on this website:

What is Unschooling?
Principles of Awesome Unschooling
Why Unschooling is the Best Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs
So What Do Unschoolers Do?
Learning to Socialize, for Unschoolers
Can (and Should) Unschoolers Go to College?
About Us (my family’s unschooling story)
Parents Learning With Their Unschoolers
De-Schooling: Getting School Out of Your Head
I Don’t Hate School

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2 | ebooks and courses bundle ($47)

Currently discounted bundle of parenting resources Parenting Super Bundle offers help on the homeschooling journey for parents in different life situations and kids of various ages or kids with special needs.

The bundle’s homeschooling resources for beginners answer to why’s and how’s of homeschooling and unschooling. It provides tools and helps to navigate the homeschooling life, for example choosing and finding curriculum and daily schedule for your family. You’ll find there ebooks dedicated especially to parents with ADHD kids and teenagers (high school guide). The bundle includes planners and printables for homeschooling parents. You’ll find there also guidance for parents who want to create their whole life at home, including working at home and homeschooling. (More resources for working from home are here).

Some of the authors have about 20 years of homeschooling experience! This is the reason why we can trust advice from these homeschooling resources for beginners.

List of homeschooling resources in the bundle:

Homeschool Planner Pack by Kayse Pratt
Begin Homeschooling with Confidence by Kelly George (ecourse)
Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learning by Sara McGrath
Schooling at Home While Working at Home by Misty Bailey
Homeschooling with ADHD by Selena D. Robinson
Homeschooling When Learning Isn’t Easy: Helping Your Family Excel With Special Needs by Heather Laurie
Harried Homeschoolers Handbook by Susan K. Stewart
Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School: How to Be Sure You’re Not Missing Anything by Ann Karako

All homeschool resources in the bundle cost normally $63, now, with many other parenting ebooks and courses they cost $47 [limited time].

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3 | an even cheaper ebooks bundle ($29.97)

Check homeschooling resources in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2018 WHICH ENDS TODAY, 4/16 AT MIDNIGHT.

List of homeschooling resources in the bundle:

A Montessori Inspired Life: An Age-Appropriate Guide to Montessori with Your Young Toddler by Holly Daniel – an age-appropriate guide to help your toddler grow a lifelong love of learning, become more independent, and develop confidence that will stay with them throughout their lives.

My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool by Jennifer Bly – Whether you’re new to homeschooling or a veteran homeschooler, this ebook is packed with inspiration for your homeschool journey.

Organize Your Homeschool in 20(ish) Days by Lisa Marie Fletcher – step-by-step plan.

The Organized Homeschool Planner™ by Carlie Kercheval – a streamlined, no-fluff, digital planning system to help you plan and accomplish your family’s unique homeschooling goals.

101 Independent Activities for Kids by MaryEllen Bream – Keep your children’s brains engaged while keeping them occupied with activities they can do alone.

Super Sensory Invitations to Play by Cathy James – a delightful resource that encourages your children to explore the five senses through the year, using a wide variety of sensory materials.

Teach Me To Serve: 99 Ways Preschoolers Can Learn to Serve and Bless Others by Kristen Tiber – discover 99 practical tasks in which your preschooler can learn to serve in their home, neighborhood, community, church and even the world.

Tiny Signs Jumpstart: Start Signing With Your Baby in Less than 30 Minutes by Lane Rebelo – an online mini-course to get you started signing with your baby in less than 30 minutes!

What Every Parent Must Know Before Sending A Child to Kindergarten by Amy Mascott – designed for busy families, this ebook contains over 100 pages of printables you can use with your child today to help build a foundation of learning that will pave the way for success in school tomorrow.

The nine products in this bundle, sold separately, cost $115.71. Now the price for them + much more homemaking resources is just $29.97! The offer ENDS TODAY, 4/16 AT MIDNIGHT.

4 | ebooks from Amazon

pinterest homeschooling, unschooling board

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5 | Pinterest boards

To find homeschooling resources for beginners on Pinterest, look at what homeschooling parents share. Or follow homeschooling boards. Pinterest is such a big resource of different ideas that everyone will finally find answers to their questions, solutions of their problems and people/boards aligning with his values and lifestyle.

Check also my Homeschooling, Unschooling board (and don’t forget to follow 😉 ).

homeschooling resources Little Passports subscription box

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learning material

1 | Little Passports homeschool resources

Little Passports is a company creating and selling subscription boxes for kids, focused on showing them the world (geography and science).

On their website, they provide nice homeschooling resources for beginners – free material for homeschooling kids and parents: printables with activities for kids, teacher (=parent) guides and the blog full of ideas for DIY projects, science experiments, and more activities. Most of them, even recipes, are concentrated around the idea of learning the world: places and cultures.

homeschooling resources Little Passports subscription box

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2 | Pinterest boards

Search for “homeschool materials” or something more detailed like “homeschooling math 1st grade“.

Check also my Homeschooling, Unschooling board (and don’t forget to follow 😉 ).

3 | Amazon homeschooling ideas, planners, and curriculums

For planners, click here.


11 Crucial Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids. Written by European Entrepreneurial Parents

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