Today’s culture values people who accomplish another tasks. Your worth depends on tasks that you’ve done, goals you’ve achieved, courses you’ve completed, titles you’ve gained. Plus a beautiful apartment and trendy look. We’re teached to live with more coffee and less hours of sleep.

On the other hand, when you listen to your real self, to the human being and the body that is you, first of all you want to live. In health.

It is your biggest desire. Long life. Avoiding death. Avoiding also bad mood, illnesses, being disabled and dependent on the help from other people or organisations like hospitals.

It is your biggest desire but probably every day you rather pray to the culture telling you to end tasks.

You think: I’ll change my diet, I’ll have a good sleep, I’ll go outside, I’ll exercise… after I’ll have done this and that.

But the truth is: this day never comes.

The Minimalists’ essay I highly recommend: Someday.

Sleeping at night or getting things done?

Yesterday I had in my head a list of things to do in the evening. Things that need to be done: clean the bathtub, wash clothes, put dry clothes on their places…

And I knew I need sleep. I’m a mother of a baby and a 2-year old. They need my attention and care all day long without any pauses. 110% of my energy and attention supplies. Plus the baby needs me at night as well.

After making my baby Son asleep, I just laid on the bed. Having the to do list in my head, I let it… be. And let myself sleep for the whole night.

You CAN get more hours of sleep

There are more things to do than time that you have. So just let them be. Let your home be not perfect, let it be a bit untidy and sometimes even dirty. Let your child not have a shower one day. Because you are important. Because you’re worth a good sleep. Because you need it.

You need sleep. Your plates need washing. Which is more important to you: you or your plates?