list of feminine and masculine qualities

How feminine are you? Living a fulfilling life as a Woman

To live the most satisfying and fulfilling lives as women, it’d be good if we accept who we are, accept our feminine bodies, learn , learn and practice what it means to be a woman.

One big subject is that our bodies (not only wombs!) work in cycles. The connection with the body, the Earth and the matter is significant for women. If you want to start exploring this subject, check my text about the practice of keeping a lunar menstrual calendar.

Today we talk about less material qualities of women.

Below, you’ll find lists of some main feminine and masculine characteristics. Read them, think about them. Think of whether you see an interesting, potentially happy being in these sets of qualities.

Then, you can answer yourself which of the qualities (feminine and masculine) you have and which of the qualities that you don’t have, you want to invite into your life.

This exercise can be especially interesting and eye-opening as we, women, were taught mainly masculine qualities, training almost only the left hemisphere of our brains. I, for example, marked all the masculine features as I have. And only one feminine. Really, the feminine world has been so lost until now.

This is why I want to teach you what I learn about femininity. There is a big hole in our development as human beings.

So now first make sure that you’re really a man, like me 😉 , and then start opening your eyes to the secrets of being a woman, secrets that were unknown for most of us.

Masculine qualities

– doing

– concentration, focus on the goal

– determination

– logic

– only what’s rational, what he can understand

– control, even being dictatorial

– ego: I, me, and myself

– hierarchy

– the left hemisphere of the brain

Feminine qualities

– being, being present, mindfulness

– feeling, sensing

– empathy

– emotional intelligence

– trust (to the man and Life/God/Fate/Unknown)

– receptive, open, she receives

– visionary

– WE – treating people equally, including

– the right hemisphere of the brain.

So… How feminine/masculine are now? Which of the lost feminine traits do you choose to discover in yourself firstly?

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