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How to Buy without Getting Stressed about the Price?

Buy without stress about price? Sounds like a dream. If saving money is important for you, you’ve probably faced the problem with tons of questions in a shop, when you really need to buy something:

Do I really need it? Is this price ok? Maybe I’ll choose the cheaper one? Isn’t the cheaper one’s quality too low? But maybe it’ll last one season or two?  Do I really need the quality of the more expensive one? Or maybe I won’t buy any of them? I’ll look in another shop or I’ll come back later… Can I afford it? Can I afford to buy something of low quality? Wouldn’t it be ok to buy the one I like more? Etc.

Aaaaa! I know such rush of thoughts, questions and dialogues in my head very good. And such situations are so tiring.

It’s time and energy being wasted on making the decision. And then days or weeks, or even months of asking yourself if the decision was good.

buy without stress about price - How to Buy without Getting Stressed about the Price - slow and happy blog, simple life (2)

But the solution and saying goodbye to such annoying situations is simple:

If you have a problem with decision making, you need rules for decision making.

Today I’ve bought shoes that I needed. And observing myself (consciousness!) in the past, I’ve made rules that help me today.

1. Before going to buy the thing, decide, how much you would like to pay for it.

If the price in the shop will be the same or lower than your price, you’re free of thinking, whether the price is good or not. You don’t lose time on comparing prices in different places.

2. When you need it and like it – buy.

Today I was looking for shoes. I found three pairs that looked good, I took two that were in my size and finally I chose one of them. I liked the appearance of shoes, they were in good size, so I bought them.

How had I acted in the past? In the past, even if I would had tried on and chosen this pair of shoes, I would had later gone through the whole shop, looking at EVERY pair of shoes, to be sure that I’ve bought the best.

Today I take the thing that is good and satisfy all my needs – has all features for which I look. I don’t look for anything better than the good thing I’ve chosen. I don’t look for the best one. I even don’t believe that there is such a thing as the perfect pair of shoes or the best anything else.

3. Don’t look around too much.

When you’ve picked up your new pair of shoes and you’re waiting in a queue to pay for it, looking around and finding on a shelf near the checkout counter a pair that could be better, is very distracting. So just focus on paying and then focus on going out the fastest possible way. It sounds strange, but it helps to keep your mind calm.

Because it’s probably impossible to compare every pair of shoes in one shop with each other. And even if it would be possible, it would be a huge waste of time.

4. Oh, and you CAN afford it.

If you’re conscious with your money, if you’re saving, then you have money. And you go only to stores with prices matching your budget. And if you’re made the 1. point, the price is not an aspect to worry about.

When you need it, when you like it (appearance, features, feeling) and when it’s the same or lower as the price you thought about at home – buy it.

5. Enjoy, use, be grateful.

And never again let yourself lose time and energy on such rush of thoughts and questions when you can just set simple rules and follow them.

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  1. This is so freeing. I do that questioning with everything and it IS so exhausting. I am not going to try to get the “best” anymore. What an awesome post!

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