How to Change Your Diet for Good The Slow Change Approach - blog article

How to Change Your Diet for Good? The Slow Change Approach

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If you already keep your dream diet every day, you are in the minority (speaking only of those who do reflect on what they eat). For most of us, even if we have a clearly defined purpose, it is a huge problem to stick to the ideal diet. So how to change your diet for good?

I have not yet achieved following my perfect diet, but I stepped into the road of changing my eating habits. And that’s something! I’ve made the first steps. And if you make a few steps in this way – you do not want to go back. Even if from time to time you eat something sweet – it tastes too sweet! And you will eat less of it than you planned.

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How to Change Your Diet for Good The Slow Change Approach - blog article about simple eating habits and healthy eating rules

How to change your diet for good?

Slowly. I’ll repeat it for another time on this blog: a small change which will stick to you forever is much better and more powerful, and beneficial than managing to keep a strick, ideal diet for… one and a half day.

Here are my simple guidelines to make slow changes in your diet.

rule number 1: decide what you want to eat

Specify your diet, which is what you eat in your ideal life. We have a tendency to note what we forbid ourselves to eat. Well, but you need to eat something.

Think about what you will eat, and not about what you do not want to eat. First, because you need something to fill the stomach. Secondly, because if you would be thinking about chocolate (that is banned), reminding yourself that you can’t eat chocolate, can’t eat chocolate, it won’t be easier!

How to Change Your Diet for Good The Slow Change Approach - blog article about simple eating habits and healthy eating rules

rule number 2: eat the allowed foods in large quantities

Rather than eliminating the bad, introduce the good. Let the right foods remove those unwanted.

If you have only chocolate in your fridge ;), well, you have no chance to stick to your dream diet.

Start buying a lot of food from the list of your desired diet. And eat. A lot. Of what you want.

If earlier in the day you used to eat four rolls with ham and three chocolates, and now during the day you will try to eat three big portions of the good food, you just will have no room in your stomach for those rolls and chocolates.

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How to Change Your Diet for Good The Slow Change Approach - blog article

rule number 3: be kind to yourself. forgive.

How to change your diet for good when you have sugar and junk cravings? In my opinion, it is better to improve slowly than not at all. If you eat better, but you have a bad day and eat a lot of junk at once – don’t keep thinking about it. Do not blame yourself. Next time fill your stomach with something delicious and desirable (by which I mean healthy).

I think stress may be more harmful to our bodies than unhealthy food. If you have to improve your mood on a bad day with coffee and halvah – go ahead. And the next day you will have the mental strength to keep up the good diet. Because unhealthy products after time just do not taste like they used to. You feel what these products will do to your body: sleepiness, energy and mood highs and downs. You do not want to go back to this as the norm.

How to Change Your Diet for Good The Slow Change Approach - blog article

what to eat and where can I find the knowledge?

My personal choice is a diet between the paleo diet, whole food, and raw food.

Working on how to change your diet for good, don’t forget to search for what is important for you and your body’s nutrition on the internet. Have in mind the weaknesses of your individual body. I, for example, have a tendency to suffer from anemia (I’ve written about diet against anemia: How to Cure Anemia Naturally? and Diet to Cure Anemia Fast. Without Meat).

Get information, but don’t trust every source. Learn.

I like for example the Wellness Mama blog. Katie has a big knowledge about health, the human body, and chemistry. She cares about the health of her family by choosing the best food and caring for her home with natural products.

Here you can start to search for other resources for a simple diet (I’m not the type who likes to spend much time on preparing food):

To sum up: How to change your diet for good?

Make a list of food you want to eat,
step on this way
and go further and further.

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