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How to cure anemia without a doctor? Experiences of a teenager and a pregnant woman.

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The problem of anemia is diagnosed in many people. A large group of people diagnosed with anemia are pregnant woman. Because, let’s face, the health care system in my Central European country obliges pregnant woman to do regular tests, while refusing to give other persons prescriptions for tests.

Maybe your blood is missing hemoglobin or its molecules are too small to transport enough oxygen for your body work?

Anemia can – and for your own comfort should – be cured. I do not recommend to you what doctors suggest – attempts to cover up the symptoms instead of dealing with what caused the illness.

Why do I call doctors actions stupid?

Taking iron tablets (ferric or ferrous iron supplements) is like covering blemish with a foundation. The blemish still exists and after some time the foundation will wipe off or you will remove it.

The same it is with iron deficiency in the body.

Firstly, understand that you may deliver enough iron to your body, but for some reason it is not absorbed.

Secondly, does it make sense to take iron pills to meet the proper level of iron in the blood, if after finishing the treatment your blood will return to the previous state?

Slow and Happy: Fire your doctor: How to cure anemia naturally - Slow and Happy blog abput conscious life, health and natural cure

How to cure anemia without a doctor?

The theory is:

1. Provide appropriate doses of iron in your diet.

Doctors mention beets and spinach. But there are those who admit that in these plant products contain such little amounts or such a form of iron that you would need to eat daily two trucks of spinach to meet the demand for iron.

So there is the meat. Iron from meat is best absorbed, and the best is in offal eg. liver.

2. Deliver a lot of vitamin C.

The body needs vitamin C to absorb iron. So eat fruits and sauerkraut.

3. Look at your health holistically.

The doctor did not tell you, but problems with iron, especially with its absorption, may have a multitude of reasons other than that you do not deliver iron in your diet.

You can have parasites that feed with your iron. So, as in the case of most diseases – it would be perfect if you would say goodbye to sugar, bread and processed food. With these products, you feed your parasites which can steal the best bits of your meals.

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Back to the past and does doctors’ work make any sense?

Now I have great blood tests results. It is a blood composition considered healthy. In the case of pregnant women, doctors recognize that unreachable. I deduce that their pills can not improve the blood to the needed level.

When I was a teenager I also get anemia diagnosis. The doctor tried to cure it. For a year and a half I examined the blood. I was doing tests before the menstruation, in the middle and after. The doctor tried to discover, how to cure anemia in my body. The actions proposed by her did not give results. Instead of trying other methods, after a year and a half trying to cure anemia, my doctor said it is how I am. I have such tendency, such beauty that I have lower iron level. A healthy woman has the specific amount of hemoglobin, and I have a lot less, because it is how I am.

She did not try to look for help in homeopathy, nor to look at my body from a different point, nor to eliminate parasites, do detoxification, cleansing, big changes in diet. No, nothing. Pills have not worked, but it is me who is not working, not the pills.

How have I improved my blood tests results and treated iron deficiency in pregnancy?

During another visit, with a standard set of test results, midwife told me that my blood test results are not like the blood results of a pregnant woman. I had improved it so much, and I already had anemia. And then my doctor, watching the results, asked if I was taking something for such blood results. I have understood that pills, advertised by her, had never given such results.

And a friend of my Mum recommended me to buy a beet and apple juice – available once a week at a healthy food market.

In the past, there were times when I was making juice from beets, carrots and apples at home. But it was too much work. Now I mix the bought juice with water. The taste is good.

How to cure anemia? Get organic juices:

Or start making your own:

For all those who are struggling with anemia I recommend: take care of yourself – nobody else will do it for you. Get informed, take control of what you eat, what kind of substances are in your environment, what is your lifestyle. I temporarily improved my health with beet and apple juice. But I’m working on cleaning my body of sugar and other harmful substances or toxins.

I wish you health!

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