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How to Cure Coffee Addiction With Alternative Drink?

Do you drink coffee every day and sometimes have such thoughts, that:
it may be unhealthy…,
it may be the coffee addiction…,
maybe you should try a coffee rehab…,
strongly reduce coffee (eg. once a week)…
or totally give it up…?

Coffee addiction

Coffee probably has its healthy properties, as almost every food taken from nature. But coffee consumption is so pumped with marketing, that I wonder if I want to drink coffee or is it the market that wants me to drink it.

Coffee rehab could also help you assess whether all these tips really work: on how to return to the undisturbed rhythm of a day (healthy sleep), or how to eliminate the tension in your calves. All of them suggest quitting coffee.

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But what healthy instead of coffee?

So for those willing and brave enough to temporarily reject the beverage of our times or even better – to give up the coffee addiction, I recommend to replace it with a healthier drink:

dissolved in boiling water
+ butter / coconut oil
+ milk

Cocoa instead of coffee

It is said two teaspoons of cocoa have more antioxidants than four cups of green tea. So not only does it not dry throat like green tea does, but it is also more efficient in protecting us from free radicals, which contribute to many diseases and premature aging.

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Butter or coconut oil

We need fats because we need the energy to live. I think it’s clear that it is cooler to have constantly releasing energy from healthy fats than experiencing energetic highs and downs after eating candies.

Children need fats – remember that.

There are vitamins that dissolve only in fats. Taking them with water after a meal containing no fat is pointless. And one of the vitamins is vitamin D – fantastic and necessary for bones, teeth, and psyche.

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Good butter contains vitamins D and A – the latter supports tooth enamel. (Read about my fight against tooth decay here.) Although real butter, having these properties and being a brilliant fight against tooth decay, is only the butter from cows eating green grass probably in May and June. So we have to move out to the countryside.

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Coconut oil (read my big article about coconut oil as a toothpaste) is bactericidal, which is brilliantly disinfects our bodies, killing all the yuck problem makers. What is more, it consists almost in half of a lauric oil – present in human breast milk. So it recharges our immunity.

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Milk from cows is generally yuck for homo sapiens, and the one we can buy in stores is completely unhealthy.

But I’m realistic. I have made the resolution that I will eat healthy, which does not mean that this will happen from day to day. In making such changes to your lifestyle, you need to arrange everything logistically and in your psyche. I am sure that stress is worse than junk food, so if you have to eat sugar, ice cream or cake with crisps – eat it.

If the lack of whitener in the drink does not bother you or you have your preferred milk alternative (eg. coconut milk – [easyazon_link identifier=”B001HTJ2BQ” locale=”US” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″]get more info and buy best-selling organic coconut milk here*[/easyazon_link]) – go ahead.

This drink is a bit like coffee – its temperature and color. Make it a ritual in the place of former coffee ritual and enjoy benefits.

The cocoa, coconut, and milk drink for quitting caffeine

– teaches the body to break the habit of taking sugar,

– teaches the body to take energy from fats, not carbs.

Note: I’m not a doctor. I share the knowledge that I use myself. I share the knowledge acquired for years, not one quick internet research made in a few hours one day. It is the reason for the lack of sources (I do not have the habit of saving links, all the more I do not hoard links to what I read two years ago). But the lack of sources comes also from the fact that a lot of medical research is carried to show a pre-determined outcome (researchers choose appropriate methods to prove their point). There is already research for every point. For example, research will tell you that coffee is healthy and evil, that running is healthy and unhealthy, that carotene helps and harms.

I wish you health!

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