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How to Give Support? Pay People Not Brands!

Do you have nice t-shirts, a good smart phone and other things that you’ve purchased and you are content with or – worse – proud of? Probably yes. You’ve paid to big corporations, brands and often unethical producers. You’ve supported them with your choice and your money. Maybe you support them all the time by doing marketing for them: walking proudly with their logo on your clothes, gadgets or car. Now learn how to give support to real people who have made your life better in some way.

Whom do you support?

But are these corporations containing thousands of anonymous and unknown for you people important for you? Do you love them?

Or you rather love your close ones? Your spouse, children, parents? Grandparents, aunts, friends? How have you supported them lately? Do you ever support them?

How to give support? – Change your mindset

Have you told people in your work what fantastic does your brother or a friend do? Maybe they have a little local business and need customers. Do you feel shame to advertise your loved one’s products or services to some people? But you have no problem walking with t-shirt brand advertisement at your workplace – an advertisement of the work of people you don’t know and you don’t care about.

Have you ever supported any source of information or inspiration? Have you paid to a blogger, podcast or video author that has changed something in your life through their content?

Or do you share or give likes only when having a chance for a fast reward?

Think about it.

Conscious life is buying consciously.

Conscious life is directing your attention consciously.

Conscious life is managing your time consciously.

Conscious life is giving your support consciously.

According to your priorities.

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