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I’m doing it for about five years. Five-seven years ago the period in my life started, in which I get conscious in many spheres. I gained consciousness by becoming a minimalist, becoming an entrepreneur, a publisher, and mom. I gained consciousness by reading about environmental and work ethic issues. And how I do it? How to make life changes that last?

For me, life changes are very important. Why? Because of discontent. Because I want to grow, to be better, healthier, to have more free time, to use my time better, to live in more beautiful and interesting places, to create a lifestyle that fits my current values. It’s development. It’s going for my happiness.

So the consciousness and knowing my values show me the direction where I should go in my life. The recent big shift in my attitude toward many subjects is described in this article.

Guidelines on How to make life changes that will last - Slow And Happy blog by a Minimalist

The article contains affiliate links.

Where to start? Research

Do you know Enneagram? It’s one of many typologies of people’s personalities. And after doing the test and reading about my type, I knew I was reading about myself. I’m a Thinker.

I’m very rational, logical. So I read, I do research on a subject that interests me. Better blogging, stronger back, clothing style, work habits, minimalism, attitude towards information overload, living abroad possibilities…

A change is inviting and applying something new into your life. So you have to get the knowledge and instructions. If you’ve never had a business before, you don’t know how to run a business. You have to ask people or other resources.

Where to find the most value to inspire me and to get the best advice? People

For me, the best sources are people who have done what I want to do. An example, even if the form of the message is not perfect is much more valuable (and reliable) for me than an article written by an expert, who knows something only in theory.

Listen to people who have done what you want to do

If you’re interested in a certain subject and think how to make life changes in this particular area, look for blogs. Blogs of digital nomads, blogs of healthy eating moms, blogs of successful writers and other, depending on in what area you want to change.

Actions? Implement, replace and do, do, do

Find the advice, the first steps that are the best for you: aligning with your values, your abilities, your resources and your goal. Start applying the habit in your life and say goodbye to your old habit.

How to do it? Take small steps

The same as with diet change, I believe only slow changes are the ones that will stay with us for longer. If you manage to keep a new, perfect, productive working routine for two days, and on the third day you’ll go back to your old habits, these two days mean nothing.

I recommend rather adding one small step to your daily actions and only when after time it becomes your natural habit, choose the next step to add.

I tried to be a fruitarian and I held on to the 80/10/10 diet for… about seven hours. It was for me too big change to make it at that time.

But a small change of taking vitamin D3+K2 (for my teeth health) and chlorella (to get most vitamins and minerals human body needs) – it’s already a part of my life.

How to make life changes? Go slowly

It’s a slow lane. You change one little thing and then another little thing… After a half of year you’re not glad about the first little change because you don’t even remember it was something new – now it’s a normal, natural part of your actions or thinking.

So it’s possible that you’ll not notice any change. And then the time will come when you see how huge change you’ve made. It’s like you’d like to have so full glass that the water is going out of it. You pour one drop into it, then another drop, and another one… You see no effect. Until it comes and the water no more fits into your glass. I’ve got such a moment recently when many little changes add into a really big shift in my thinking and acting. You can read the article about it here.

Why to make life changes?

Now when you got the guidelines how to make life changes that will last, let’s repeat and sum up the reasons why we do it:

I love changes and I look for them in my life. I joke that I’m a priestess of change. Change is divine for me because it let us fulfill our lives: take our happiness into our hands on our own. We just get information about the right direction, then we slowly reach out our hands for it and we take our happiness into our hands.

Do slow changes work in your life? Tell me in comments.

blog post about making life changes - perspective of a minimalist mom

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