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If you’re interested in the subject of reasonable and productive use of the internet, you already know that you should:

  • reduce numbers of applications and notifications,
  • reduce amount of time spent on social media,
  • unsubscribe from thing you’re not interested in,
  • make your mailbox as clean as possible,
  • take digital sabbaticals.

I won’t write about those things already described in many articles. I’ll try to add new tips which are working for me.


1. At the end of a day close all tabs in your internet browser.

If you haven’t done tasks connected with the open pages or haven’t read articles right after opening the pages, that means they’re surely not so important.

You can start another day without them. And if any of the opened things was important – you’ll certainly recall and come back to it next day.

2. Switch your devices off for the night.

Firstly, you’ll avoid unnecessary notifications. And if you’re already minimalistic with them, you’ll avoid reacting to unnecessary text messages (I think most of us even on a way of minimalism choose to be notified about new messages).

Secondly, various types of radiation connected with electronic devices are said to be harmful to our bodies. One of the very dangerous radiations is wifi. Let yourself rest from it.

3. At least once a month ask yourself if your favourite sites are still your favourites.

If not, delete them from your browser favourites list and other lists like bloglovin or facebook subscriptions.

These are habits I’ve created for myself. I hope some of you will find inspiration for good changes in your lives.

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Ula Archer

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