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I write about healthy eating and I often eat cakes. I write about zero waste and I sometimes use paper towel and cotton swabs. I encourage you to boycott big stores and I send my Husband to do grocery shopping in supermarkets. So am I a hypocrite? No. Or maybe… I’m making my slow changes in my life. And I want to help you. I’ll explain. And I’ll tell you how to stop being a hypocrite.

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This article contains affiliate links.

You probably know that I’m a minimalist. Minimalism is very important for me. Firstly, because it’s already in my everyday life, making me happy. Secondly, because minimalism was the first of big changes of direction in my life. It was my first big step on my way to more conscious life.

So I wanted to write to other people, to you about minimalism. I wanted to inspire other people, to give you the chance to change your life for happier like I did it. To be the example. Maybe even to be the change I want to see in the world.

So… I wanted to help you change your life for happier like I did it. But… I don’t know how I did it! That’s the problem!

The truth is: every big shift in our lives, changes something in every area of our lives. It changes our habits, our homes, our minds, our worldviews and ways of thinking.

Now, being minimalist, I just don’t remember how some aspects of my life worked before. I also cannot recall the exact steps on my way. Today I just don’t know how the change performed.

I’ve lost something.

And I don’t want to lose the map of my way of changes in other areas of life. I know I’ll achieve my aims. But I want to keep the guidelines to be able to help other people.

This is the reason I write about healthy eating while still eating junk. This is the reason I write about avoiding toxic chemicals while buying a new mattress (full of plastic and glue).

So how to stop being a hypocrite in your life?

Knowing that you’re a hypocrite means you’re aware of your values and of your actions. You’ve already set your life path. Now start your journey. Take one step after another. And the path will lead you. You won’t even notice when and how.

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