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During a few months I can pick opposite extremes and try them both on.

One day I eat chlorella*, make my own juice*, eat fruits, veggies and not even look at sweets. No coffee.

On other day I drink coke and eat barely anything besides cake. Or drink only coffee and eat almost nothing.

Am I a hypocrite? No, I’m a human being in this crazy world full of possibilities.

Do I pretend only to live healthy? No. For a big part of the year I live and eat healthy. And sometimes I eat worse things.

You can eat veggies and feel ok. You can eat sweetes and you’ll die. But, wait. You’ll die anyway.

I just stopped to strain myself. I gave up labels like I eat healthy, I am eco-friendly, I prefer nature to cities. Sometimes I eat healthy, sometimes not. Sometimes I avoid producing waste, sometimes I buy plastic. Sometimes I wear no make up and sometimes I want to show off.

That’s only life. Let it be fun. Let it be beautiful. Don’t create rules besides love, don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t hurt.

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Ula Archer

Woman. Wife to one Husband. Working at home mother to two Boys, the Older and the Younger. Minimalist. Reader and self-developer. Simplifying my life to regain my space, time, energy and attention. Optimizing. To be happier, more productive, more smiling, more giving to my family. To have more time for walks in nature.