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I’m a minimalist for years and it feels soooo good! I don’t want to get off this path which has brought me back so much space, time, energy and focus. I’ve done Buy Nothing experiment that was 100% success. You can read about its reasons and rules and about the experience and conclusions.

And recently I’ve started to buy again. I don’t feel bad about it. Because most of the purchases of thing (maybe even all) were needs not wants. Moreover, what’s important for me, I’ve started to buy for myself. I mean that my Buy Nothing experiment was also connected with saving money. And today I’m finally able to let myself buy something for me. Let’s see below.

This article contains affiliate links.

What do I buy?

Things for home

I learn to value aesthetics and comfort higher than money saving. I also try to find the golden mean between living comfortably and being environmentally friendly. This means I’ve replaced some old (worn out or just uncomfortable) items with new ones.

I’ve bought wash basin, cotton dish towels*, shower hose, kettle*.

Things and services for myself

I’m proud that I’m coming back to loving myself, giving myself pleasure and investing in my hobbies and skills. I want to develop, to fly high, to inspire, to be inspired, to feel energy, to live!

I’ve bought three books (one available in English*), one app and one course.

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