A Minimalist’s Wardrobe Challenge to Improve Your Style

I am very satisfied with my wardrobe in terms of minimalism. The set of clothes I own is not perfect but I don’t have many clothes, I rather use all the clothes I have and I don’t have the problem: I have.nothing to wear.

But after years of being so satisfied with the state of my wardrobe, another issue came up. I’m aware that we judge each other based on the appearance. Having this knowledge, I want to implement it. I don’t plan to become any perfect and trendy looking woman. I just want to look as good… as I look. I want to look in my clothes as good as the shape of my body really is. I don’t want to look shorter, fatter, uglier or of worse proportions than I really am because I couldn’t choose proper clothes for me.

This idea came with all my recent big changes. I want to live my life fully. Because I keep realizing that it’s not a rehearsal. I want to look… as I want! I want to look… as I see myself. I want other people to see the same me which I see and feel, and… am.

I want to look as I want. I want to dress how I want to look. I want to finally put aside too much caring about environmental issues. I’ll buy some new clothes when I’ll feel I need/want them. I want to flourish, not to completely limit myself by shopping bans*. Between stupid over-consumerism and also stupid rejecting everything and making personal growth impossible for the sake of leaving no impact, no footprint, there is a golden mean.

Minimalism, optimalism and golden mean between over-consumption and leaving no footprint

So I just want to look good in clothes, especially because I just look good. Buying clothes to make me look uglier would be completely stupid.

In the new apartment, I have a really big mirror, from the floor almost to the celing. And here we come to the challenge.

In July I began to take a photo of my outfit when I go out. One photo daily. Just for me. To see, to assess, to gain knowledge (in which clothes I look as good as I want? Which clothes match together?) and probably to make decisions about throwing some clothes out and buying something new.

Till today I hate taking photos of myself and seeing them later. And I want to change it. Not to become a star, but because of it;s not a rehearsal.

A big motivation to continue the challenge is for me the fact that after taking first photos I noticed that in some clothes I look much worse than I thought!

I hope I will have constructive conclusions after about one month of the outfit photo challenge.

* Lifestyle experiments: My Buy Nothing Year (whys & rules, conclusions) and Cait Flanders’ shopping ban.

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