It Was Never in the First Place... Why Everyone Is a Minimalist - thought from Anthony Ongaro interview with Courtney Carver

It Was Never in the First Place… Why Everyone Is a Minimalist

Today I want to share with you my thoughts showing in which way everyone is a minimalist. The reflections are inspired by one sentence said by Anthony Ongaro in his interview with Courtney Carver about her newest book Soulful Simplicity.

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They were talking about things which they have removed from their lives, saying that they can’t even remember what those things were. Anthony said:

They were never there in the first place.

It Was Never in the First Place... Why Everyone Is a Minimalist - thought from Anthony Ongaro interview with Courtney Carver

Look. It is about our priorities. Everyone has priorities, even if we don’t call them so, even if we’re not aware of them, even if we haven’t written them on paper. They are these things in the first place. What we do every day is who we are and where our values are.

Items which we use every day or every week are the most important things in our lives. And the rest, this useless rest, sitting on our shelves? Clutter, just-in-case, memorabilia, unused books, unimportant papers.

I’ve read that we use 17% of the clothes that we have. Do you now see the difference between the things we use (that minimalists keep) and the things we have and just keep them (that minimalists get rid off).

So everyone is a minimalist in terms of needing not too many things. It’s just that non-minimalists carry with them the things they don’t actually use, things that aren’t important in their lives.

What’s in the first place for you?

Do you really care about your blender, photos from your high school or old glasses? Would you remember about them, would you miss them, would you need them if you’d have put them in your basement for a few months?

Minimalists are people who keep almost only items that are in the first place for them.

Everything comes down to priorities. What’s important to you and why do you keep the rest in your home, your daily schedule, on your calendar?

What you do every day is who you are and where your values are.


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