Coming Back to the Inner Femininity

coming back to the inner femininity - confidence

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Today’s world, including culture, education, religion, business and much more, is based on rules that are masculine. It’s easier and more natural for men to live in such a world. But we, women, could opt out of this world and start living according to our feminine rules, respecting our feminine needs, using our feminine abilities. To live happier, easier and fuller. Are you interested in how to come back to your inner femininity? Keep reading.

1. The masculine and feminine division in nature is older than multicellular organisms.

– according to Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules for Life – I’m listening to this book on Audible and loving this service!

Make an experiment. For a week stop pretending that man and woman are mostly the same, just our bodies are a little bit different in two places, which makes no difference.

You’ll find exemplary tasks how to do it in the following points.

Even if only our outer body parts were different and woman had the power to give birth, these only facts would be enough to build completely different people: woman and man with different experiences because of different bodies.

And we’re different in many other aspects, including brain, metabolism, hormones, eyesight, focus, goals, emotions, feelings, needs.

2. Women have periods.

Let’s stop pretending we’re men! We’re women with our cycle (well examined but still mysterious and unknown to many ignorant people). We’re women with hormones changing our feelings, bodies, and capacities day after day through every month!

Let’s stop being robots pretending that a menstruation day is just like any other day. Because It. Is. Not.

3. Let’s respect our bodies.

I’ve started to fulfill this point and embrace the previous one by starting to use reusable 100% cotton menstrual pads. It was my first menstruation using them but I have to say that they’re much less disgusting than the disposable pads. You care for them – it’s a completely different relation than with a thing that is going to the trash bin after touching your body.

You’ve heard about nutritious food, contact with nature, fresh air, avoiding plastic, polyester and other toxins. As a believer in slow changes, I recommend you taking small steps on this way.

Maybe you’ll start with the thing as simple as getting enough hours of sleep, going to bed no later than at 10 pm?

If you think that you have too many important things to do and you don’t have the time to sleep enough, this article and this book can be helpful.

4. Let’s try how we feel without analyzing, logical thinking, tables, and lists.

The inner femininity in every woman causes that our bodies, minds, and souls work according to different rules than men’s.

Let’s run on coffee, cortisol inspiration, intuition and the flow. Let’s try to not fear the chaos, which will always be a part of our lives (according to physicists, and, again, Jordan Peterson).

Let’s try not fear the chaos, like the surfer doesn’t fear the water.

Oh, and some time ago I’ve published on the blog my thoughts about overanalyzing.

5. Stop explaining yourself. Trust yourself, your inner femininity and be self-confident.

Let’s stop acting on the same levels as men. Let’s stop talking in their language too much, in the language of logic, linear thinking, and arguments.

What’s more: we should stop apologizing, because we, women, tend to do it too often. In fact, by saying I apologize, we often apologize for having only 24 hours every day and for making our choices based on our values about our 24 hours. Should we?

I see these blog articles and pins or Pinterest, where women try to explain that a stay at home mom or wife is not just doing nothing the whole day. Stop doing that! Stop explaining! (And apologizing that you haven’t vacuumed the house when you have cleaned the windows or when you had menstruation). You’re enough.

Oh, and such lists of things and tasks are masculine. Should we really step into their world, forget ours, speak their language and forget ours and try to prove in their language, according to their rules of the game that we’re enough and good?

We are good. We are enough. They stay with us, don’t they?

Respect your inner femininity. Respect yourself.

Do what you think that needs to be done. Trust yourself, trust your feelings and intuition.

(To be continued when the time and the flow will come).


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coming back to the inner femininity - confidence

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2 thoughts on “Coming Back to the Inner Femininity”

  1. THIS! This was a great perspective on femininity. I’m in my 40’s and you just made me rethink the way I view the world and myself.
    I really like and appreciate where you said to stop apologizing! Why women do it more than men is odd. I apologize if I hurt someone in some way. But it took me years to get there. I catch myself often wanting to apologize for something I didn’t do. It’s liberating!

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