Slow and happy motherhood: is it possible for a mother

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wash hair, develop, meditate, go to gym, work, read, train your spine?

Since my child started climbing my daily shedding collapsed and I understand now what it means that mother is a full-time job. I want, I plan I have ideas, I dream, I know how… and I spend my days watching and securing, having new ideas, guessing, feeding and wearing. And in the evening, when he is finally falls asleep, I am so fed up that despite nice plans in my head I can’t stand out of the bed.

Probably this is how my life should look like now.

I am and I will the example that child is not the end of world nor the end of woman’s s life. But I won’t tell you – and it would make no sense – that the child doesn’t change anything, doesn’t interrupts you. When it’s born, new reality is born. We welcome it. And the little man has needs. They need to get from the parents proper amounts of hugging, food and awareness. That means our time and energy. Who believes, that with a child you can live like without the child, is stupid.

It is all good. You’re a mother: you have and you will have limits comparing to the life before. Limited time, energy and awareness. If you want to make your aims reality and so your dreams in subjects other than the baby and for good mood you can:

Learn to use smarter your energy, time and awareness. Analyse how much time you can have for yourself during a day. If it’s one hour, planning something that needs three hours can only frustrate you. Take care of your priorities.

Accept facts. There are things that you have no influence on and don’t try to change them or chang your name for don Kichote.

Don’t judge yourself by what other people show about themselves. That women has a child and she does this and that. You don’t know the whole situation so your judgement probably won’t be objective.

Work with what you have influence on.

It is possible. You can get your aims and fulfill your dreams with the child. But it’s after letting go that positions only me or only child. You need to choose me with child.

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Ula Archer

Woman. Wife to one Husband. Working at home mother to two Boys, the Older and the Younger. Minimalist. Reader and self-developer. Simplifying my life to regain my space, time, energy and attention. Optimizing. To be happier, more productive, more smiling, more giving to my family. To have more time for walks in nature.