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This series of articles is to help you more understand who I am, how I live and how I implement (or not) slow living and minimalism ideas into our family life.

A path is a summer park of big trees

The article contains affiliate links.

My private life in July

July was the first month for our family after moving to another town. I love the place where I live! I love both our apartment and surroundings.

I’m happy like a child observing planes flying often over our home. It’s my little, pointless joy.

When we were living here before having kids, I was very disappointed. Getting to the city to go to concerts or other interesting, developing or inspiring places and events took so much time. And in our town, there was no entertainment, no concerts, no interesting meetings, almost no restaurants or cafes.

And now, as a mom, I see this place completely different. Far to the city? It’s great. Firstly, I don’t have big streets near me, so it’s relatively silent and the air is quite clean. Secondly, I have so much nature in the neighborhood. Thirty meters from our block is a completely wild terrain with trees. It’s both wild and safe. Thirdly, it’s calm here. No crowds, no students, no employees, no tourists, no big groups of people, no school trips. Just families and retirees.

In the middle of nowhere is the best place to live for a mom of toddlers.

playing on a well-kept lawn in july's favorites of a minimalist and happy mom

If I want, I go about five minutes by car to see the biggest river in Poland which is completely wild (not regulated) – Vistula. Another possible nice trip (maybe seven-ten minutes by car) is a palace surrounded by park and water. There are a cafe and a big lawn with a fountain – a perfect place to spend time with kids. And classical music concerts on summer Sundays. Again, like in our neighborhood: there are nature and culture in perfect proportions.

with toddlers in an outdoors cafe with a stroller

July’s favorites


Every time when we have sunny days here (not so often!) I allow myself to get a bit sunburned. Just on the first day of good weather and for maximum one and half an hour. I just need to be kissed by the sun. I need to produce my vitamin D and a portion of good mood. Later I use raspberry seed oil to protect my skin (read my article about natural sunscreen). After a few days of using it, my skin is very smooth, so smooth that I can’t stop touching it.

Marie Kondo

When I read her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for the first time in the time when it was published, I completely didn’t understand it. It wasn’t something for me.

And in July I thought I’ll look at her next book, Tokimeki.changes happening in the recent time in me I liked it, so I opened her first book again and… it was exactly what speaks to me now! Between my first and second reading of the book, I got more conscious in some areas that in the result let me fully understand now Marie Kondo’s message and benefit from her wisdom. Yes, I’m even on that stage that I don’t laugh about talking to socks (what many people point as a con of the book).

I’m happy that this book found me at this time. It’ll take my attitude to things (and minimalism, and essentialism, and saving – everything that is happening recently in my life) to the next level: from materialistic to spiritual – from tools to… friends?


I’m thankful for easily accessible, light, nice, almost empty and quite spacious basement in our new place. No, I’m not a secret hoarder. I appreciate that I can comfortably use the basement as a place to put things that I probably won’t need in the future. Probably. In the basement, I give them time to check it. The things I put there are mostly family/home items, not my private.


Moving, finding places for every item in our apartment, shopping, doing trips and caring for two little and energetic Boys, while my husband has his first day in a new work. And it were the same weeks when I found again time for and fun in book reading. After six months I’m hundred percent familiar with my (first) e-reader and I have as good experience with reading on this device as with paper book. The e-reader I’ve chosen is inkBook Classic 2.

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