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I plan to share with you monthly things and ideas that added value to my life in the recent time. So here are my June’s favorites:

The attitude to problems: it will pass.

The article contains affiliate links.

Sometimes there are situations that make us feel stressed, sad, unfairly treated and that are out of our control. We can take some action but not everything depends on us. We wait frustrated, just feeling bad and anxious.

Having such a situation, I’ve searched the Internet for any solution that would bring my stress away. And I found it. It consists of three worlds:

It. Will. Pass.

Everything will pass someday. And I needed the consciousness that there will come a day when this stressful situation will be far past. It helps me.

Raspberry seed oil

I use it mainly as a natural sunscreen for me and my boys. But I’ve discovered another feature of raspberry seed oil. After a few days of putting it on my arms to protect from the sun radiation, I’ve noticed that my skin is soooo soft when I touch it that I can’t stop touching my skin!

Buy on Amazon.

Milk thistle oil

I’ve started to use it on my skin to keep it hydrated and just cared for, because I haven’t used any creams, balms or lotions as my everyday care. I’ve chosen a natural product to care for my skin. Why I’ve decided to buy milk thistle oil? All oils have great features and treating abilities. I’ve chosen milk thistle because of its purifying abilities.

Buy on Amazon.

Coconut oil + vitamins D3+K2

This set means finally healthy teeth for me! I had a big problem with tooth decay since I was a kid. I’ve written already about the problem and natural treatment I’ve trusted and tried here.

In short: I brush my teeth only with coconut oil for about two years. I also take supplements: vitamins K2 and D3 that are responsible for bones strength.

This month I had a dentist check and it was a second dentist check when my dentist told me I have no decay that needs treatment and that little decay spots that are not big enough to treat them haven’t grown since my last visit. Hearing this, I clapped my hands! I’m happy. Finally, I’ve found my solution for my healthy teeth.

Again, the rest of the story and the description of my natural teeth treatment are here.

Coconut oil on Amazon.

D3+K2 supplements on Amazon.

If you buy an oil, remember to look for an unrefined and cold-pressed one!

Older Son’s first adult bike

I’m impressed, moved and surprised every time my Son learns something new. I couldn’t guess that a three-year-old can do, say and understand so many things!

In June he got his first adult bike with four wheels. And on the first day of having it, he learned to ride, to brake and to turn on lights.

I plan to post his photo on the bike on my Instagram, so follow me 🙂

Cakes similar to sponge fingers

In future, I’d like to give up eating grains. But for now, rolls and biscuits similar to sponge fingers (but round) are saving me, engaging my younger Son. He’s a perfect child for baby-led weaning. Millet with grated apple and banana on a spoon, which was the everyday meal of our older Son? Nooo! The whole apple? Yes! And he’s ten months, having four teeth.

slow and happy blog - july's favorites - Andrzej Stasiuk East

Andrzej Stasiuk’s prose (East)

I like his writing. It consists more of building atmosphere than of action or plot. Andrzej Stasiuk draws a picture of my part of Europe – an ugly picture, showing everything we’d like to hide. It’s melancholic, nostalgic, sometimes hard. It’s like a painful truth. But I want to know also this side of the place I’m from.

Books by Andrzej Stasiuk on Amazon

Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes

Quite other climate: Southern Europe, sun, prosperity, cleanliness, good relationships, and a story told from the beginning until the end.

The message of the book is finding your own place on the Earth, which is also my big dream.

Buy on Amazon.

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