Real-life preschool homeschool daily schedule which is working for our family

There are still parents who believe that no pre-school teacher is a better person than mom and dad for the kid to spend hours and hours with them, every day. There are still people valuing family bonds and relationships, and time spent with the closest one. There are still adults thinking that the kid of age of 3 months, 2 years or 5 years is not yet ready to be put into a foreign, school-like, formal environment. For all of the people having such values and viewpoint on the education system, I put here our kindergarten homeschool schedule examples as an inspiration.

Oh, and you should maybe know that I’m actually a big fan of unschooling, believing that…

Including the kid in your normal life will teach them the skills used in normal life.

And if you’d develop yourself, there is even more:

Including the kid in your successful life will teach them the skills needed to have a successful life.

Including the kid in your happy life will teach them the skills needed to have a happy life.

And now, how our days can look like with our two preschooler Boys (nearly 3 and 5 years old).

my routine with homepreschooled Boys on most days

First, let’s talk about the most common scenario: weekdays when Husband is at work and I’m alone with Boys from about 7 am to 11 pm. This means that the whole kids’ day is my duty, from waking up to going to bed.

1 | morning routine + breakfast

First things first. Usually, I wake up when Boys already have woken up and want something from me. In our family, there is no sense in me waking up and having me-time before the kids wake up, because Younger almost always wakes up when he hears than someone’s awaken, doing things. Recently, we have a problem, because he often starts his day with daddy, meaning that my Husband cannot prepare for the day in peace. Instead, he has to listen to Younger’s complaints, requests, prepare food, change clothes etc.

So, I get up, dress Boys for the day, dress myself, wash my hair. Everybody goes to the bathroom/toilet, too.

And we have breakfast.

Then, I make beds.

2 | mom’s blogging time

Boys use to play before the breakfast, while I’m preparing it or after.

Some time after the morning activities, I sit with my computer to blog, which is my passion, my pleasure, my space (space so needed by a stay at home mom!).

Sometimes Boys just do their things during this time. But I admit that often I turn the tv on and they watch cartoons. They can decide which cartoons but we have a collection chosen by parents. They don’t watch everything or anything.

Of course, I could the time for myself during the nap time (they don;t nap now everyday) or later in the day. But morning is when my mind is the clearest and I can focus the best. So I give this time to myself.

Moreover, here, where we live, during three of four season it is just reasonable to wait until later morning or even noon to go out when the sun has already warmed the world a bit.

3 | the walk

Almost everyday we go out for one-two hours. On good days (good moods and good weather), we go out two times.

It’s a opportunity to learn for example traffic rules and to look for the signs of new season coming.

When we run out of something, we go to the shop, where Boys are carrying shopping baskets, until they’re not too heavy. They also put the things on the checkout counter, so I only need to pack and pay 😉

They love to eat rolls, coming back from the shop, sitting on a bench.

They learn that if we buy something that we keep in a fridge or freezer, firstly we need to immediately go home and unpack the things, putting them on their places.

The rest of the time, they can ride their bikes or scooter. Older is learning to ride without the training wheels. Younger is racing on his running bike.

On other days, we take two soccer balls and we head to the pitch, where we’re often alone on weekdays. It is a huge advantage of being a homeschooling family – most playgrounds and similar facilities are empty on the weekdays. We feel as we have a private pitch 😉

Sometimes we go to different playgrounds in our area. There is a place for social interaction with other kids and my Boys are doing well.

And I’m not the mom who carries all possible toys in her arms or bag, or on the stroller (we no more take the stroller for the walks!). When we go out, Boys have to decide what they want to take: vehicles, balls or sand toy set. They have to plan and choose.

I also don’t bother myself with taking snacks. Boys are taught to eat when while we have a meal! I bring a bottle of water with myself only when we’re going to play soccer or when it’s really hot in the summer.

4 | the dinner + rest

Most often after being outside we eat our dinner. It’s around 12:30 – 2 pm depending on how the morning went.

Often after the dinner, or even before, Younger starts his nap. If so, I have time to eat or do anything I need in peace. Older is then doing more adult things than it’s possible with the Younger brother. Sometimes we read books with soft pages, arrange puzzles or learn letters. Sometimes he chooses to complete his task books on his own, to do some cutouts etc., to just play with his toys without interruptions from Younger. Or he naps too.

I slowly eat, do house chores or just relax: lie on the couch, read, listen, watch or rarely: take a nap.

5 | before supper

The rest of the time, whether it’s a morning without a walk, a morning without me blogging or afternoon without naps, we usually do something from these activities:

Boys: playing together (mostly with cars and blocks), arguing, coloring, drawing, painting, arranging plush animals conversations, reading, interrupting mom, having snacks.

Me: doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, tidying up after meals, doing other adult things. And interracting with Boys, of course!

Boys also take part in some house chores like cleaning furniture with a cloth.

Everyday, they have to take their toys back to their room before the night. The Older puts his used clothes to the laundry basket and clean clothes into his drawer.

6 | evening routine

I try to start our evening habits around 6 pm and have kids sleeping in their beds before 8 pm (which not always happen).

We use the two hours to have supper, clean the kitchen, including turning on the dishwasher, take shower or have a bath, put on pajamas, brush teeth, make beds and put toys to Boys’ room.

Then Boys go to sleep.

On most days, I’m awaken for a few more hours. I have a shower and brush my teeth if I haven’t done it earlier. I blog or read, listen, watch something that I like. Or I do some important things like looking online for a thing we need to buy etc.

our unschooling family routine on weekend days – when Husband is working

Only recently, I’ve came to this that maybe having free days every week (and free evening every evening) has some sense. People are practicing this since decades. I’ve implemented it into my life this year.

So, on weekends I almost don’t blog, almost don’t open my laptop. It’s a huge difference from the rest days, because my head is free, light, open, I have more attention for Boys.

On weekends, we care more for our apartment or I organize fun trips to natural places to avoid crowds on our estate.

kindergarten homeschool schedule examples – on days with Dad

When Husband has a free day, it’s crazy. Boys love to be with Dad.

When only the weather allows to spend much time outside, they go with our bike trailer to the forest, they walk to a little lake to observe and feed ducks and swans, they play with sticks, run, jump on timber…

They have also other places to go with Daddy. Sometimes they go to learn bike riding or on the pitch, or to the river

At the time, I am:

  • first of all: rest from Boys, their noise and requests
  • blog
  • do bigger works at home, like decluttering Boys’ wardrobe
  • cook
  • rest, read, watch, rest, listen to, rest, dance, eat, spend time on the balcony, being kissed by the Sun.

There are of course also days when we go out together – our family trips. We usually choose natural places. No cities, no noise, no crowds.

You can find relations from our family trips (including photos) among mini arts and on my Patreon page.

does our schedule look to little focused on kids getting some skills…?

Oh, come on, the Perfect Stiff Mom!

A day of an unschooling family is exactly this: a day in life of a FAMILY. There are kids, and there is you. And there is hoe to care for, and maybe work, and some cooking to be done.

Don’t believe in the lie that you should have your attention directed at kids throughout the day and can be yourself and not mom only after they go to sleep.

You’re not a nursery or elementary school teacher who have hours of days dedicated only to kids. And they, they go home, not caring about kids’ evening routine and not waking up at night when kids need them.

I believe that we, parents, can and should be ourselves all the time. So during the day I’m a woman, I’m a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a blogger, a cooker, an idler, a gymnast, a reader, a music fan, a housewife…

We’re people. We’re parents. Don’t ever enter the role of kid’s servant, when you’re ready to immediately react to their requests… Don’t be the helicopter mom. It’s not good for kid’s development, and it’s devastating for you.

There is a place for everyone in the family. We respect children and we respect ourselves. In the adult life they won’t have servants, so don’t teach them such relations.

If you kid can dress themselves – let them do it every day. If your kid can their cup of water which is on the kitchen table, don’t react when they’re screaming at you to bring them water to their room while they play.

Enjoy your family days.


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