18 Lessons from the Last Year. My Birthday Blog Article - slow and happy blog of a conscious and simple living mompreneur (1)

18 Lessons from the Last Year. My Birthday Blog Article

Today’s my birthday! Inspired by Jennifer’s article, 35 Things I’ve Learned in 35 Years, I’ve started collecting lessons which I have learned during last 12 months. And it was a year of big changes in me. It was a year of rewriting my convictions. It was a year of opening myself to other ways of thinking and acting. It was a powerful year and I’m sure that this years’ changes in me will keep showing their benefits also in the next years. Are in you interested in lessons from the last year learned by a working at home mom, who seeks more peace of mind and more effective organization in different areas of her life?

18 Lessons from the Last Year. My Birthday Blog Article - slow and happy blog of a conscious and simple living mompreneur (1)

18 Lessons from the Last Year

1. Believe in your intuition and your decisions.

2. Act, do, create your world. Instead of only reacting to other people’s actions and adjusting yourself to how other people are changing YOUR circumstances. Create the reality. Don’t only react to the reality created by others

3. Be yourself. Even if you have opinions, values, and habits, behaviors that most people assess as stupid, not normal, etc. If you’re sure what you believe in, keep acting like you know it’s proper and after some time you’ll find your tribe of – not perfect but – likeminded people.

4. Everyone is an expert in his own life. Don’t listen to advice for which you didn’t ask. Those people don’t even know your whole situation: motivations, values, experiences, reasons, goals. Don’t listen to the advice of people who live lives that you don’t want to live. Ask for advice people who are better than you in the field in which you want to improve yourself.

5. Everybody is an expert in their own life. Every behavior and decision is based on thousands of his experiences, on the information he gathered, on the order of his values, on his opinions, worldview, and finally, on his goals. So never judge. Never give advice without being asked.

6. Different things work. Bloggers who attract by their personality and write about their lives have readers and bloggers who focus on solving people’s problems and answering people’s questions have readers. Shops that sell healthy food have customers and shops that sell tasty food, processed and packed with preservatives and chemicals also have customers.

7. It’s all about doing. Do, act. Don’t only talk and think, don’t overthink, don’t over analyze. The best ideas are nothing when they are only ideas. It’s what you do that count. Not your plans.

-> So I’ve started reading Making Ideas Happen.

8. Good enough is often enough. And almost always it’s better than nothing. Good enough and done is always better than an (only) idea of something perfect.

9. And when doing, don’t wait until you know everything until you’re perfect and until your product/service/business will be perfect.

10. Do what works and not what you think is proper. Give people what they want and not what you think they should want. Do what works and not what it should be like in your opinion. Don’t try to be smarter than people experienced in a certain field.

11. The only way to win with a toxic person is not to play. I’m finally sure about this and implementing it without mercy.

12. Not everybody thinks like you. Not everybody has even the same values.

13. The heart doesn’t count in business. I had one business to which I gave so much heart and everyday care and I had to close it. I have another business that I abandoned (in terms of my attendance, care, checking, heart, thought, energy, time) and it’s growing. Business is a machine, not sensitive to heart, love, feelings, energy. Energy theories are bull***t.

14. What I show is noticed. People are building their picture of myself based on what I show. And I can choose what I show. I have an influence on it! I can control it.

15. Don’t worry. Worrying doesn’t have any positive effects. It wastes time and distracts us from returning to the important stuff.

16. You cannot change anyone unless the person wants to change.

17. If you won’t do it (what you want), probably nobody will do it (what you want) and the world wouldn’t change by itself in a way that you want. Don’t lay and wait. Act!

18. Be kind to people. It works. At least sometimes.

-> Learnt from Dale Carnegie’s and his book How To Win Friends & Influence People.

Remember it’s my birthday?

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