Lessons on Minimalism. From Travel

I’m writing this from a tiny, wooden house in the woods where we spend our family holidays. Yes, it’s not July or August. To enjoy my time with family and to enjoy trips, I need to avoid crowds, so we often travel outside the season, in spring or autumn. Oh, and generally in life, it’s worth to do the opposite of what everyone is doing. See minimalism, slow life, simple cosmetics, homeschooling 🙂

Ok, so we’re on vacation for a few days already. We’ve packed what we thought we need to our little car and left home.

We’re here already for a few days and we miss nothing. Not a single item. (Ok, my Husband haven’t packed his deodorant but he doesn’t use it every day and it is something that can be used up so if he’d decided to buy one, no problem).

We don’t miss anything. We have all we need.

In such moments, even when I travel only for two days, I ask myself: What are the items I left at home? I don’t need them. What kind of things do I store there? Why? Do I use them? Do I need them?

Ask yourself these questions the next time you’ll be coming back from a trip. Maybe you’ll decide to just get rid of what was laying at home while you had a good time, missing nothing?

If you don’t like to be such radical, use this travel experience and go through the items in your house. Maybe you could hide something in a basement for a quarantine, like for six months and see if you really will need these items?

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Hugs from the woods! 🙂