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In my country some people connected with associations of employees are close to introduce law that bans trading on Sundays. That means that shops will have to be closed. That means we’ll have no freedom to work how and when we want.

Please, don’t do it. Please, don’t support such ideas.

Especially people in my country, Poland. In 80s they were fighting to end socialism and introduce democracy and free market – capitalism.

Let’s choose freedom to act, to live how you want

So let us be free. The society should punish murderers and thieves. But I want us to be free in everyday decisions and actions that doesn’t hurt anyone.

Let’s choose freedom to work how and when you want

If you want to work on Sunday – I want you to be free to work and not limited by any law.

If you want to work for no money or for experience or for little money – I want you to be free to have such work and not be limited by any minimal wage.

If you want to work only two days in a month – I want you to be free to do it.

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