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Indigenous communities admittedly did not know vaccinations or internet, but had many advantages, which we have forgotten while developing our civilization.

Indigenous communities

Take the example of eating and food preparation. Imagine a tribe or a part of it – a group of huts, a few dozen inhabitants, the central square. Fire. A dozen or so women were preparing the day’s meal for everyone. One campfire. None of the women had to prepare a meal from start to finish. None of them had suffered with something that she could not manage. The youngest had from whom to learn. And it was not a one-week course, but the daily watching and participating for years with women having more experience.

Modern western European and American societies

And what do we have today? For sixty residents of a small block there are probably forty cookers and as much ovens. Over 90% of people who are preparing meals, are doing it alone. It is boring, tiring, hopeless, and maximum three people will eat thanks to this struggle. Standing one and a half hour in the kitchen, alone with meat, spices and steam from boiling potatoes, you can get a pretty good anger. To this add multitasking: you unpack shopping, put all things on their place, wash, peel, throw away, you cut, you wash the counter, then all the tasks according to the recipe, you watch over cooking … and so often it does not turn out well.

40 fires to prepare food for 40 people – what a waste of energy! And how many immeasurable losses in relationships and in individual psychological spheres.

It is not easy to make the changes emerging from these thoughts in our society, divided into sick nuclear families. Cooking for yourself or for three people, as well as preparing a celebration day dinner for several or more people is an art for art and a prelude to depression.

Stand up to the task, do your best, and do it itself, between your four walls, with a cold oven, because you should.

You have not learned it from your mother, because … you were at school. Or doing your homework.

Is it possible to change it?

Ideally, you would look in our crazy society for such black sheep, hard exceptions to the rule, with whom you can slowly try to build a community on the model of the indigenous. Meet to cook and eat together. Talk to each other, laugh and learn from each other, doing the boring but necessary tasks (like preparing meals). But as well to spend time together doing nothing.

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