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Oh, how pretty! – you’re thinking. But if if you lived here, would you notice this beauty?

Often life in the movies, whether of the poor or rich, or crook, it seems to us better, more interesting than our own.

I think I found out why. Too often we do not live, preparing instead for life. In contrast, what we attribute to a movie character is… exactly life.

It will be again about hair. When a woman in a film, and even in advertising is washing hair, our thoughts wander to:

  • the smell of shampoo
  • the sound of water in the bath
  • the feeling of scalp being massaged
  • softness and weight of hair.

When we wash our hair, our thoughts wander to:

  • work
  • plans for dinner
  • bills
  • arrears
  • would it be better now to clean up the floor or wash the dishes ?
  • in the best case: horrible state of our hair.

For health, happiness and well-being, I recommend:

carpe diem,

be here and now,


What would you respond to a question from the beginning? Can you see the beauty, among which you function every day?

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