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The art of being BAD.

Im on te way of living consciously. I’m a more and more conscious consumer. I’ve learned much about health and diets. I’d like to live eco-friendly. I’m on the way. Sometimes needing to loosen up!

I’m on the way. But, huh. Sometimes I have to stop.  Sometimes I have to wear make up and eat what I want (sugar&fat). Sometimes I have to buy something because I need to use it and there is no eco-friendly option for it. Sometimes my sweater wears out and there is nothing without polyester or acrylic in the shops.

What to do? How to live?

Try to keep being devoted to my values and try to live without, eating nettle in the woods?

Or do what I need or want and die of guilt?

I suggest you to sometimes loosen up and

Have fun from playing with plastic blocks.

Use paper towel.

Eat sweets and drink too much coffee.

Let your child eat chocolate and wear pyjamas till 2 pm.

We’re only people. We’re here only for a short period of time. Don’t take life too seriously.

I don’t dispute everyone can make a change to the world. But a person who is pissed of (because not allowing herself to eat this chocolate), won’t be able to make the change.

So let yourself be human. Loosen up.

Be happy.

Actions of happy people are better and more worthy to others than actions taken by angry ones.

Smile and eat what you want.

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Ula Archer

Woman. Wife to one Husband. Working at home mother to two Boys, the Older and the Younger. Minimalist. Reader and self-developer. Simplifying my life to regain my space, time, energy and attention. Optimizing. To be happier, more productive, more smiling, more giving to my family. To have more time for walks in nature.