the magic of surrender in feminine energy

The magic of surrender (or letting go)

For some time, I’m passionate about what it means to be a woman spiritually, anthropologically, humanly. I gain the knowledge from different Teachers, men and women, developed in different fields, some more practical and some very magical. And from every single of them, I hear that letting go, releasing and trusting the Life is an important part of the feminine energy, leading to receiving what we need and want. The magic of surrender.

In today’s world where we develop mainly our rational and logical heads, it seems crazy. But after a few experiences, so many that I would be blind calling them coincidences, I’m giving it a chance. I’m trying to make this strange Rule work in my life.

the Rule of surrender in feminine energy

The theory says that the man is about taking, fighting for something, hunting, pushing, going out to the world outside to gain food, money and other resources. And the woman is firmly about receiving.

The theory suggests that we:

– make space for receiving

– stop pushing, fighting, forcing, hard working

– do things just for the sake of doing things, without obsessively focusing on the goal and without working hard

– make time for receiving

care about ourselves

– make time for doing nothing

– reconnect with our bodies

– often be in the state of relax

– be open

– just be

– do with joy and go away from it, without thinking and worrying about the results

– give up control

– trust the Life

– recognize and cooperate with relevant people, situations, and ideas that come to us.

We can do (mainly by not-doing) things from this list if we want to see fruits, prosperity, happiness, peace, and fulfillment in our lives.

The magic of surrender sounds strange, naive and even stupid, because many of us, women, were taught to work hard, to be perfect, to have extremely clean houses, even at the expense of our bodies, forgetting our souls and abandoning our Lives. And Lives need to be lived, experienced, sensed, and not only earned for, planned in advance and cleaned after.

my experience with the magic of surrender (or letting go)

Let me write here only about 1-2 last years and only about my blogging journey. The rule works in many spheres of my life but blogging is something simple and clear to you while telling other stories from my life would require drawing the background first.

To put it short: Every time when I want to leave any of my blogs and I go away from it, there surprisingly comes an unusually big number of cooperation offers, nice comments, heart-to-heart emails from Readers. When I abandon my blog, money comes from different blog-related sources, even these about which I’ve forgotten. Magical things happen.

Gratitude letters. Thank-you messages. X sent you money emails. Emails and money from people for whom my blog is worth much.

My old friends who don’t even know that I blog start following me. Neighbors with whom I never talked about the blog, ask me what I’m doing (and I’m writing blog posts on the playground).

I’m giving it a chance, now consciously trying to live in harmony with this Rule, magical… And, hey, so comfortable for us! 😉

why is the Rule working so good for women?

People who know say that the Universe cares especially for women as a reward for the fact that we are the beings able to give Life. And we’re magical creators not only in the fact of giving birth to a new human being. We have special, secret powers. (In the past they weren’t secret among women!) Now, these powers are in sleep mode. After discovering these facts, I’m turning to my Teachers for more knowledge, but mainly for the guidance in the practice.

but remember also this

To be fully honest, I must say that we, women are about the harmony or the flow of giving and receiving. (Still, no place for fighting, forcing, pushing).

When we block giving, we won’t receive. But I think we’re good at giving today: giving birth, giving care to our families, communities, friends. Let’s make now space for receiving.


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P.S. Isn’t it the slow life about which I was writing for years, but on a shallower level?

the magic of surrender in feminine powers the magic of giving up, releasing in women's energy feminine power and the magic of letting go the magic of surrender in feminine energy

magic of surrender to God, Universe, Nature, Life

2 thoughts on “The magic of surrender (or letting go)”

  1. I am in a very interesting place in life. I have had to surrender almost all of my belongings and life as I knew it because of mold so I have started to depend on God to bring me the things I need. I have a few lists of items I need and some that I want and once I decided to put the lists in my bible and surrender them to God, I am calm and content. I’m not trying to figure it all out on my own. I know He will bring me what I need! He already has so much. I have been given a mattress, a wonderful bed for my little girl, a legit toolkit and drill, gift cards & money for groceries, clothes, shoes, and a couch and loveseat and more. I have received counseling paid for through my church because I couldn’t afford it because of everything that is going on. I am so much happier with less stuff and have more time to spend on the important like my little girl or reading or just taking a bit of time for myself in order to process my emotions during this tough season. God has provided an apartment and two jobs also! It’s been incredible to see how trusting Him to provide and letting go of me trying to control it has made such an impact on my life! Thank you for your posts! I love reading your blog and have for a long time! It is so good to read your words today! I am moving today and woke up early. I treasure your words today! Praying for blessings over you!

    1. Natalie, I remember you from comments under early posts on this blog! Thank you for sharing your story and for your words about my little work here. I’m starting to live with the Trust too, we’ll see where it’ll bring me. No big crisis in my life but I clearly see that living my life with the rational mind as the main guide hasn’t brought me what I need, what I want, where I want to be. I wish you always see the loving God’s signs in your life 🙂

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