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A smartphone can help (or distract) us in many ways. We make calls, we text, send photos, use many apps, sometimes change settings… But do you really make the most of your phone?

Do you use all options your phone offers?

There is one basic phone’s option that most of us have forgotten. It’s obvious. It’s freeing. You can do it even when you’re wearing gloves. And it’s called… power off.

Do we remember that we can switch off our phones? Most of us have forgotten about it. Not only because we’re so addicted to apps, mail and notifications. Not everybody is.

We don’t use power off option of our phones, because they’ve became so much more than only phones. They are with us already for more than ten years and we’ve got used to their presence so much that…

many of us don’t have watches nor clocks at home,

many of us doesn’t have dictionaries or encyclopedias at home.

Smartphone is much more than a phone but also much more than a smartphone… because it’s a thing giving us a watch and making us get rid of our older watch, so we get dependent on the phone more and more…

Switching off the phone twenty years ago meant something else than switching our phone off today.

What today the power off option of your phone means, twenty years ago will mean not only switching off the landline, but also not using your books, radio, record player and not getting mail.

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My experience

I used to turn my phone into flight mode (no calls possible) or to turn off for night to reduce the harmful radiation.

But it wasn’t changing anything for psychological part of myself. I turned off the phone for the time when I wouldn’t have used it anyway. Nobody is calling me at night.

This month I’ve started to switch my phone to flight mode or to power it off earlier in the evening or for a few hours during the day.

I have to say that I felt so free! I couldn’t guess that it will cause such a change in how I feel, if I haven’t tried it. Because in fact not many people are reaching me on my phone and I don’t have many situations when calls should cause my stress or when I need to do something fast as a result of conversation.

But the change in my mood, for better, was HUGE.

I felt free. I felt that my time, space and attention are now only mine. And it was a strong feeling. Nobody could interrupt me with meaningless talking.

I recommend you to experiment with your phone turn off or at least flight mode options.


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