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Making money blogging and generally making money on the internet are hot topics for years.

One extreme are people hoping to earn millions, doing nothing, in two days.

The other extreme are businesses based on pulling money from the former group or using their work for free or for pennies.

Between them is a huge diversity of people and companies that earn thanks to the internet. It’s not just e-book writers, photographers, marketing specialists, programmers, but also stores of every product range, private clinics, that earn, because it is easier for me to make an appointment online with a graphic on the screen than by phone without seeing the calendar.

And now to the juicy bits – blogs, because supposedly bloggers are a big part of my readers.

This article contains affiliate links.

So is it possible to earn on a blog?

Of course you can, and you don’t need to be a celebrity with thousands likes on fb and huge traffic. Although probably it would make things easier 😉

But remember: if you want crowds to love you, you must write to the crowds, so your blog would probably look like or

But I want to write two words to people who moan and groan that it’s not possible

Cooperation with brands

In the former, beautiful years of my blogging at a different website, I had my audience, but without huge statistics. Maybe 5 000 visitors per month. I was receiving offers of cooperation. Even earlier. I could refuse. Always someone will write, and after several meaningless offers, you can look forward to get a good proposal. It is important that people can contact you.

Heck, if I, a minimalist, who loudly speaks that she buys almost nothing, get cooperation offers, in other blog niches or topics they certainly also write offers!

Affiliate programs

Waiting for million dollars cooperation, you can start to work by yourself. In those ancient times I signed up to an affiliate program to start making money blogging. It was a publishing company selling ebooks, mainly about the fashionable self-development. Not trying hard, not having much traffic, I was selling ebooks. I received payments.

There are many affiliate programs in various industries. You need three days to get familiar with the subject, choose the best program for your blog and start the cooperation.

Look at some affiliate programs I’m using:

Thrive Market


Another option for making money blogging are the AdSense ads. Slowly and penny after penny, but it goes always forward without stagnation. In my old times’ blogging, having no huge traffic, I received payments.

And what if I have bad luck?

No one writes to you? And despite of some traffic you get nothing from advertising or affiliations?

So do something.

Check whether it is possible to write an email to you.

Change something. Test. Examine. Experiment. Check.

It may be just change of the font or the way you communicate with your readers.

There are people on the internet, and with people there is always money.

And if you want to make on your website, you are doing something to achieve it (if you did (once), it is wrong – do you have to be doing non-stop), and earned only 20 pennies, maybe simply you don’t do not enough?

It is work as every work.

Before you get customers, before you build your brand, experience and position, everything goes like in a physical work – sweating for 10 hours a day. And you will probably not this stage.

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Every great blogger earned zero in their first weeks. But they worked, and they worked better and better. And now they have days when they could do nothing on the blog, and money keeps coming. And there are thousands, and probably more such people, making money blogging.

Making money blogging – types

If you choose to show ads – you are like a magazine.

If you choose affiliate programs – you’re like an insurance agent or other sales representative in a network.

If you choose to work with brands – you’re like a star.

If you choose not to get financial benefits from your blog – you’re like a hot passionate.

If you want to start a blog, choose a reliable hosting company. BlueHost works great.

If you’re a blogger, check also my book A little guide to slow blogging or How to find your blog and life balance. It will guide you to a style of blogging, where your blog gives you joy without overwhelming you with all you should do as a blogger. There is also a chapter about blog & money.

And a man who can give you lot of inspiration and great advice on (not only slow) blogging:

My few words to people complaining about the lack of money/work: LIVING HAPPILY DESPITE LACK OF MONEY?

My Slow blogging ebook.

Good hosting services.

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