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mini art: The Man of One Pants

Since I’ve thrown away most of rationality and shoulds, I don’t feel embarrassed to admit that I listen now mostly to cheerful music like this of Enrique Iglesias.

I don’t feel embarrassed to admit he’s handsome and that I know his height (godlike) and his zodiac sign (Bull – the best for man, in my opinion).

I haven’t supposed he can be a minimalist with all his houses, big dogs, yachts, money and the private jet…

But he’s living a simple life in some way.

Look at his instagram. Pass over the photos and videos that are directly promoting his work. Look for these weekend-like pics with dogs, kids, and the yacht.

See these moro pants he’s wearing on most of his weekend, private photos? One-pants, extreme-minimalist, capsule-wardrobed, lazy, nice, super-handsome guy 😉

The take-away:

simplify your everyday life.

Wise people, successful people don’t bother themselves making unnecessary decisions – like picking other pieces of clothing every morning.

And when it comes to Enrique and minimalism… I suppose that he has only one yacht and only one jet 😉

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