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Master your money with materials from real-life people

Today’s text is just an ad for the fruit of cooperation of many people focused on improving their lives and sharing their discoveries with others. This time it’s about how to manage your money better – systems for improving personal finances.

I won’t tell you that you NEED this packet of information. All you need is home, food, water, safety, freedom and good relationships.

And you can manage your money wisely using advice from other resources or using… your own common sense, your experiences, and knowledge that you’ve gained before.

I want just to inform you that such a fantastic thing, a digital library of personal finance ebooks and ecourses is sold for a limited time with a big discount.

Firstly, I have to say that I love the idea of the Ultimate Bundles. The team of women and men, many of them having families, even homeschooling, work to… make everyone happy.

  • They find authors of valuable ebooks, ecourses and other helpful resources and help them to find new customers for their products.
  • They care about their affiliate partners who carry the information about bundles, reaching people for whom the libraries may be helpful.
  • They deliver packets of digital resources on a chosen subject to their customers, caring about all the technical stuff and providing much, much discounted price if we compare it with the summed price of all products in the bundle.
  • They give work to fantastic people at Ultimate Bundles.

For me, it’s probably the highest possible level of cooperation.

Authors are winners, selling more and being introduced to new people.

Customers are winners, getting multiple views and systems concerning a certain subject – with a huge discount (and 30-day money-back guarantee).

Affiliates are winners, supporting their families, monetizing their online sites by forwarding information about the bundles to their audiences.

Ultimate Bundles team members are winners, earning a living by connecting people and giving them something helpful and of a real value.

I’d like to see more cooperation (come back, femininity!) like this one on the market filled rather with competition (a masculine trait).

The current bundle is about how to manage your money better. And there are no tips from Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet or other people starting in or later coming across special circumstances. There is advice from normal people to normal people.

Budgeting, paying off debts, family finances, increasing your income, managing money, money mindset and saving money are covered in the Master Your Money Bundle

in the form of: 12 ebooks, 12 ecourses, 11 videos and 9 workbooks / printables.

Separately sold, they are worth more than $1200.

With the Ultimate Bundles we can have them for… $50.

For the price of five movie tickets, you get financial resources to be your guide for years.

(And the given advice can help you save or make money for these five movie tickets easily, I suppose).

My favorite is the ebook by Apryl Griffith about how to live on one income. How to manage your money so good that you can choose to stay at home with your kids. Her family of five has been doing it for 10 years.

Subjects that I see as important in the family are also: teaching kids about finances and talking about money with your spouse. If you need any help on these subjects – they are also covered in the bundle.

With the lifetime access, you can come back and use some of the resources later in your life, when they’ll be suitable for your situation. (Just download them in one year after the purchase).

Plus, Ultimate Bundles give us 30-day money-back guarantee.

So if you need help with your personal / family finances or want to develop, get to know new subjects, new points of view, maybe create new habits – check it out!

More info on their page: click.

how to manage your money better - personal finances ecourses, ebooks, worksheets