mini art: Private Updates, Blogging and Why I’m Slowing Down

Some of you noticed that I don’t publish for about two weeks. This pause may last longer and here is why.

Firstly, I’m still figuring out how I want my blog to be. After publishing for a longer time once or twice a week, in February I’ve published three times a week. During this period I’ve been working on the articles all days long interrupted by all the mother’s tasks. The burnout came fast. I need to step back and come back to my one article per week schedule. Even if I give you less advice, information and ideas, even if the success of the blog will come much slower, I have no other option. Ok, I could kill my kids or start taking some pills but I don’t count these as options.


Today is the first time ever when I’ve broken an electronic device: my laptop! It is a shock to me. I have to wait for the repair. It’s another cause that will affect my blogging negatively. Now I’m writing on my iPad which isn’t a comfortable tool for me. I can’t check proper title capitalization here (ok, I could but it would take much more time than on laptop), I like the Grammarly app on desktop, I need Canva and TinyJpg to prepare photos, I don’t trust the WordPress app (in the past my drafts disappeared) and it’s much harder to put links and nice headers in the tablet app.


One more thought about blogging. I know that you like the “professional” articles: helpful, on one topic, nicely formatted. I like them too. But I’m not an article producing machine. For me, this place is a blog, not a portal. It carries a bit of me. My thoughts, my personality, experiences, my point of view. I’ve decided to try writing once a week a Mini Art like this one with various current thoughts. You can surely benefit from it, because I have more good ideas, tips, and thoughts than I’m able to format as “professional” articles. So I’ll drop some great ideas in a non-great form.

Maybe this, combined with the lack of all on-laptop options, will make me focus more on just writing?


Recently it’s too much for me also in the area of motherhood. Sometimes I just hate my boys’ energy. They’re in the stage when they climb to every cupboard and other storage places. Yes, I’m a minimalist but I won’t get rid of knives, I won’t store my juicer in the basement and I don’t have enough space in our wardrobe to keep everything only on the highest shelves!

It’s really bad with me now. I’m getting crazy much more often than I wish. Hopefully, the spring weather that came to us last Sunday will last, not letting winter anymore and the nice time outside will help my boys and me. I’m a stay at home, work at home, homepreschooling mom. I’m not perfect. But even when it’s hard, it’s important for me to be with my kids.

slowing down

So: less work, more self-care, more calmness, less screens, more time outside, less perfect blogging. Sending my laptop to service.

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