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MINIMALISM at Home – Why Does It Make Sense and What Are the Benefits?

Perhaps you’ve been hearing about minimalism for several years. Perhaps you’ve even read a self-help book on this subject. And you still don’t know what it is all about, why to do it, why would you throw these things away, is it worth it, or is it just another fashion and ideology. So what are the benefits of minimalism at home?

I myself came across the idea of ​​minimalism about ten years ago and practiced it intensively. Maybe someone would even say that I was rubbing against various extremes. When I saw that I treated minimalism too much as an ideology, idol, religion – I loosened. I’ve described the whole story in the article 5 Thoughts after 5 Years of Being a Minimalist.

After all – a lot of this approach has remained with me. And for good! Today I want to share with you the advice resulting from many years of experience of being a minimalist – what is worth to take from the minimalism movement, the benefits, what makes sense, and why. Minimalism at home – it’s time to start!

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Lightly by Francine Jay - best books on minimalism, benefits of minimalism
Lightly by Francine Jay

What does it mean to keep minimalism at home?

First of all, as you may have heard, it is advisable to remove all unnecessary and unused items from your house. You can do it, guided by a specific book, method or just like that, with your own head, heart and hands, cupboard by cupboard, place by place.

And there is also the other side. Namely, controlling what you invite into your home. It is not difficult to empty a lot of space in order to immediately occupy it with new, perhaps unnecessary items. To keep it simple, this very minimalism in your home, you need to learn to think carefully about every purchase. And learn not to take things that others offer for free or almost for free: T-shirts, signing briefcases, umbrellas and window scrapers from insurance companies, pharmacy samples, promotional bags and other pens.

Why does part of the Divine Housewife need to be minimalist?

What is the main theme in the daily work of each House Queen? Fire? Four walls?

No. Of course we take care of the fire and walls and pots, but with people in mind. For people. Our loved ones, the most important, giving us the most, and our guests.

With that in mind, consider how much room your home has for people and how much – for objects. Do all the things you own and care for serve people, or are people serving objects? How much time at your home is devoted to people, how many objects?

Love people, use things.

Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn, some of the most famous promoters of the idea of ​​minimalism, encourage.

soulful simplicity - learn minimalism with courtney carver
Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver

Take a look at your home. And ask yourself the following questions

How many figures, frames or jugs are there that make no one happy, but only require your time, your ministry, to vacuum them (in time that you could use to talk to your husband or read to your children)?

How many coffee machines and unused kitchen robots are there, which someone has to use when working on electricity, filters or spare parts for them, maybe even in installments that you pay?

How much do you actually use the second car, and how much do you spend on maintenance, garage and insurance?

And so on.

Is there a place for you today in your home, or is there too much space for mementoes of your old, no longer existing you? Clothes that do not suit you anymore, a snowboard on which you may not see yourself in the next ten years, a wedding or prom dress, eighteen cups, uncomfortable shoes, books you will not return to, gifts from friends with whom you dear did they go away?

Is there a place for your husband in your home (also in the wardrobe 😉)?

Is there a place for your children in your home? Not for books, not for educational things that they should be interested in, but for your children, for these little People, for their games, exercise, and chasing. – Minimalism with kids at home is possible and beneficial, which I wrote about here. As a mother of two boys).

Do you have a place to freely arrange your clothes, is a large part of the wardrobe occupied by things that are too small, too large, spare, maybe they will be useful someday, it will change, maybe I will do it again?

Do you really go back to the items you left behind? Change-over clothes, gift papers from the previous year, collected boxes, buttons or old clothes to be cut into rags?

And if your kids have already moved out, do you allow them to keep the museums of their teenage self in your home? Remove it. There was time (and space for) the children at home, an important time. Now you have more time (and space) for yourself, your husband, you meet your children in different relationships. Maybe you already need a place to play for your grandchildren? Give yourself, you and them – today, this place. Do not keep a graveyard of non-existent teens and their teenage passions. That time is over. Live the present time, the present situation. By introducing minimalism with its benefits at home, you give yourself and them this space, freshness, air, a place for a new, current one, today’s version of you.

And even more reasons to keep your home minimal (minimalism – benefits)

You already know that by simplifying the space, starting with getting rid of unnecessary items, you gain a place in your home for yourself, your husband and children, as well as for people who visit you.

But it is not everything. A few other benefits of minimalism at home include:

  • less stress for the subconscious by reducing the amount of stimuli: colors, shapes, information, the whole mess
  • less stress for the awareness that knows that it should somehow manage the property: organize, vacuum, clean
  • less stress for semi-consciousness that doesn’t know where she put SOMETHING – if you have little, you know what you have and more or less where it should be, the losses are faster
  • more savings by getting to know your needs and avoiding unnecessary purchases
  • regaining the time previously spent on organizing and taking care of unnecessary things
  • allocating the regained time to what is important to you: relationships, hospitality, reading, sleeping, preparing new dishes
  • less cleaning with water and various means and less purchasing means less environmental burden in the production, transport and waste disposal stages.

And the benefits of minimalism can be multiplied further.

Expand the topic:

If you want to learn more about the idea of ​​minimalism and different types of people living a simple life with different motivations, check out the film of the already mentioned Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn: A Documentary About The Important Things.

If you have the opportunity to read some books on this topic, I recommend:

As I wrote in the introduction, minimalism with its benefits has been close to me for about ten years. I have read almost everything that has been published on this subject. And if I were to recommend the best books on this topic, it would be the titles mentioned above.

stuffocation book - how to keep minimalism at home
Stuffocation by James Wallman
minimalism benefits - minimalist family home

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